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WP Rocket, the Best Plugin to Optimize Loading Speed


WP Rocket is the best plugin to optimize the loading speed of a website, and that is why it is another of the star plugins that we install on all new websites.

It is a plugin that includes several options and ways to reduce the loading time of a website made with WordPress, being able to configure one or more of them, according to the needs of the site.

These include web caching, code minification, lazy loading of images and videos, etc. It could be said that it is an all in one in terms of optimization.

There are many cache plugins for WordPress, as there are many plugins to minify code or activate lazy load, but none of them do their job as well as WP Rocket.

In this post, I am going to explain why it is so important that your website loads quickly, in addition to showing you all the advantages of using WP Rocket.

Why It is Important That Your Website Loads Quickly

Nowadays, having a website that loads quickly is not an option, but rather it becomes an obligation if you want it to have visibility and attract users.

According to studies, 53% of users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and that is disastrous for your business because they lose many sales opportunities.

Today, we want it all for now, and if when entering a website we see that it is taking longer than desired, we immediately go to find another website that offers us what we are looking for without making us wait.

And do you know what happens if Google detects that a website has a bad loading speed, and, consequently, users leave it and go to another website?

Well, it penalizes it by taking it back in the search results.

And what happens when Google does not show your website in the first search results?

That it loses visibility because very few people will find it when they Google something related to its theme. And that’s just the opposite of what you should be pushing.

The first factor for a website to load quickly is that it is hosted on a quality server, such as SiteGround. Once this factor is overcome, WP Rocket helps you give it the extra speed it needs.

What Can WP Rocket Do to Improve Loading Speed?

The short answer would be many things.

But since I know you want to know in-depth what WP Rocket can really do to improve the speed of your website, then I will explain some of the strengths of the plugin.

As I said before, WP Rocket is an “all in one”, so we are going to look at each of the ways it helps you with it.


The first thing WP Rocket does as soon as it is activated, and without having to do anything else on your part, is to cache the web.

When someone visits your website, the page they visited is cached, and when someone visits that page again, it will load much faster.

WP Rocket’s caching system works like a charm, better than other free cache plugins, so it’s worth having for that alone.

You have several configurable options to control the cache, such as enabling mobile cache, logged in users, or cache duration.

Optimize files

Another crucial aspect to improve the loading speed of a website is the optimization of the files that compose it.

It depends on what tools are used on the web (themes, plugins, etc.), they can occupy more or less all the files that make up the entire web.

Therefore, optimizing them can help a lot to reduce the loading time of a website.

WP Rocket has several options for this, such as minifying and combining the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, combining the Google Fonts files, loading the JavaScript in a lazy way.

Optimize media

The multimedia content that you use on the web can also be the cause that the loading speed is not as fast as it should be.

WP Rocket thinks of everything, and that is why it offers several options to improve the load by adjusting a few things in this regard.

For example, you can activate lazy load for images, videos, and iframes used on the web. What this does is that all of them load as they enter the user’s field of view, rather than loading everything at once when loading the page.

On the other hand, you can deactivate the use of emojis to reduce the number of external requests, or prevent other third-party websites from embedding content from your website and vice versa, to save JavaScript requests.

Preload the cache

You can enable cache preloading, in which case users will not need to visit your website for it to be cached, but WPRocket will generate the cache by tracking the URLs of your site.

Database cleanup

Over time, “garbage” can be stored in your website’s database. I put it in quotes because useless things like post reviews, automatic drafts, spam comments, expired transients, etc. can be stored.

WP Rocket allows you to clean up all these issues, freeing up the web database.

Other WP Rocket options

Apart from the commented options, WP Rocket has other settings to make your website improve the loading speed.

Among them are the possibility of deactivating or reducing the heartbeat, to save server resources, enable a CDN, or indicate some pages to never cache.

Conclusions about WP Rocket

The conclusion after using it on numerous websites and comparing it with other similar plugins is that WP Rocket is one of those plugins that you must have to improve the loading speed of your website.

The advantage of being an “all in one” is that it also saves you from having to install several different plugins to fulfill the same purpose.

Therefore, it is a clear candidate to accompany us for many years on all the websites that we create, as we have been doing for a long time.

If you want a website with WP Rocket installed, look at our catalog of cheap websites, and ask for the one that best suits what you need.

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