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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review in-depth – S Pen Pointer and BookCover


Few manufacturers launch tablets regularly. Companies like Google, LG or Sony seem to have lost interest in tablets and today only a handful of manufacturers bet on these devices. Samsung is one of the few that maintains a good number of tablets in its catalog. This year, the company has launched a couple of interesting high-end Galaxy Tab S series models: the most affordable Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and, recently, the most powerful, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Along the way the Galaxy Tab S5 has been lost, which never saw the light.

The Galaxy Tab S6 is Samsung’s most advanced tablet. It has a 10.5 ″ Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 855 processor, 6/8 GB of RAM, 128/256 GB of storage, dual 13MP rear camera (wide angle) and 5MP (ultra-wide-angle), 8MP front camera and battery 7,040 mAh with fast charge.

Its price is (List Price $649.99 With Deal: $549.99) with 128 GB and (List Price $729.99 With Deal: $629.99) with 256 GB of storage on online sites like Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review in-depth – S Pen Pointer and BookCover

S Pen Pointer

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review in-depth - S Pen Pointer and BookCover

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes with an S Pen pointer in the box that allows you to write and draw on the screen, as well as interact with the tablet remotely through gestures thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

The S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is thicker and longer than the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and, therefore, looks more like a traditional pencil. Like the S Pen of the Galaxy Note10, it has a clickable button on the body, closer to the tip.

The S Pen has Bluetooth connectivity and offers a sensitivity of 4,096 pressure levels, allowing more or less thick strokes depending on the pressure we exert.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review in-depth - Design and Screen

Its small 0.35 mAh battery is recharged when you place the S Pen in the slot on the back of the tablet and offers a range of up to 10 hours with only 10 minutes of charging.

If we press and hold the S Pen button, we can open the Camera app or, if we prefer, we can choose to open another app that we have installed or to activate any of the S Pen functions.

The S Pen pointer not only has utility in the interface but we can also use it in certain apps for different functions by pressing the S Pen button once or twice in a row :

  • Camera: One press allows you to capture a photo and a double press allows you to switch between the front and rear camera. This is useful if, for example, when taking a selfie, we place the tablet resting somewhere or we have an arm so extended that we do not reach the trigger button.
  • Gallery: One press passes to the next image and a double press returns to the previous one. This is useful if, for example, we connect the tablet to a TV or monitor and want to see pictures without having the tablet at hand.
  • YouTube: One press plays or pauses the video and a double press skips it. This is useful if, for example, we support the tablet on some sites while watching a video.
  • Powerpoint: When using Powerpoint with Samsung DeX, one press changes to the next transparency and one double press returns to the previous one.
  • Voice recorder: One press starts or pauses recording.
  • Music: One press starts or pauses playback, and one double press skips to the next track
  • Chrome: One press returns to the previous page and one double press goes to the next page.

One of the novelties that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 introduced and that is present in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the use of the “remote S Pen“, which allows remote control of applications (up to 10 meters away) through clicks and gestures in the pointer’s air, such as If it was a magic wand.

The S Pen recognizes three types of gestures in the air:

  • Move left or right to, for example, move to the next photo or return to the previous one in the Gallery or change mode in the Camera app.
  • Move up or down to, for example, increase or decrease the volume or switch between cameras in the Camera app.
  • Circular movement clockwise or counterclockwise to, for example, change the camera zoom in the Camera app.

The “remote S Pen” functionality is compatible with many Samsung applications – Camera, Gallery, Internet, Voice Recorder, Samsung Notes, AR Emoji, and AR Drawings – as well as any other camera or multimedia playback application (for example, Netflix). Developers can add S Pen support to their own apps through the Samsung SDK.

In practice, the management of the tablet through gestures in the air of the S Pen is still a curiosity since, in my day to day, I do not feel the need to operate the tablet remotely.

Of course, the pointer not only serves to write or draw, but you can also handle the tablet’s interface with it as if you did it with your finger.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review in-depth - S Pen Pointer and BookCover

When you press the S Pen button when it is close to the screen, those applications or functions of the S Pen that we have chosen are displayed. Among the options we have the following:

  • Create Note: opens the Samsung Notes application, which allows us to take a handwritten text note, paste images, add voice recordings, etc.
  • Samsung has added the possibility of “converting handwriting to text” with a very high degree of precision and exporting the result to Microsoft Word.
  • View all notes: that allow you to see all the notes we have created.
  • Smart Select: Allows you to crop a portion of the screen and save it as an image or even convert it to text. It is also possible to generate an animated GIF image by capturing an area of ​​the moving screen.
  • Screenwriting: takes a screenshot of the screen and allows us to write or draw on it. This function integrates the Scroll Capture option, which automatically scrolls to capture a complete web page, from beginning to end.
  • Animated Message: allows you to make drawings with the S Pen on a photograph, an image captured with the camera or colored background and create videos like this.
  • Translate: allows, as the name implies, translate a word with Google Translate by placing the S Pen on top and even listen to its pronunciation.
  • Enlarge places a virtual magnifying glass on the screen to expand what we see.
  • Quick View: takes a screenshot and minimizes it in a corner of the screen. When you click on the S Pen, the thumbnail becomes large.
  • PENUP: allows us to make drawings on the screen using the S Pen comfortably.
  • AR Drawings: allows you to draw in 3D with the S Pen on the live image captured by the camera. The elements we draw remain floating in the air in 3D and change in perspective and size as we move the camera.
  • Coloring: allows you to color sketchbooks with the S Pen.
  • Writing on the calendar: allows you to draw with the S Pen on the calendar integrated into the tablet.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review in-depth - S Pen Pointer and BookCover

One of the most useful functions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the possibility of taking notes on the screen while it is turned off.

Simply bring the S Pen to the screen and press the button to be able to write about it and, once we finish, we can save the note. This function is useful for, for example, taking a quick note on the fly.

BookCover case with keyboard and trackpad

Samsung markets a case called “BookCover Keyboard” for € 179.90 that not only protects the tablet from bumps and scratches but also adds a full keyboard with touchpad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review in-depth - Design and Screen

Unlike other keyboards that connect via Bluetooth, it connects through some pins, so the link is instantaneous and does not require a battery.

Having a full keyboard is very useful for writing long texts as long as you can support it on a firm surface – it is not stable if we intend to use it resting on the legs as if it were a laptop.

One aspect that I like is that it has an “Fn key” that allows access to function keys (F1 … F12), Esc, Delete and others. I also find very useful the presence of a trackpad that, although it is a bit small, allows you to use the tablet in DeX mode with a mouse without having to reach out to touch the screen.

As an aspect to improve, the keys are not backlit, which makes it difficult to use in the dark (in fact, tablet keyboards do not usually include illuminated keys).

In addition to the keyboard, there is another piece that magnetically attaches to the back to protect it. This support is so strong that it takes some effort to remove the back cover. Luckily, there is a flap without a magnet that can be easily lifted to access the space where the S Pen is stored.

An interesting aspect of the BookCover is that it is possible to place the support base at any angle for more comfortable use.

The fact that they are two separate pieces is useful for those cases in which, for example, we want to watch a video on the tablet but we don’t want to have the keyboard in front.

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