Tuesday, March 28, 2023

How to Make Money With a Website?


In this article, I want to tell you how to make money with a website. Because yes, it is possible, and in fact, there are many, many ways to achieve it.

Now, like any business, success does not come overnight. If someone promises to make you rich with a website in two months, you better be suspicious. It is not that easy or that fast.

But with a good strategy and sufficient dedication, it is possible to generate a constant source of passive income from 6 – 12 months after the creation of the web. And I’m not just talking about additional income. Many people exceed, with their website, what anyone could earn in a traditional job.

If you find it as interesting as me, stay and read. My intention is that after this reading you discover the keys that will allow you to earn money with your website and that you know all the possibilities that exist.

Can you really make money with a website?

As I said at the beginning, yes, you can make money with a website. And no, you don’t have to be an influencer with millions of followers. Nor is it necessary to open a channel on YouTube and record videos every week.

These are ideal ways to make money, but that’s not what I mean when I talk about making money with a website.

I mean that the website, blog, or online store itself is the engine of income generation. An engine that, once started and well greased, only requires you to run.

If you want to add a podcast, a YouTube channel, or a profile on all social networks to that website, great! On the Internet, everything adds up, and the more traffic you get, the better.

However, in this article, we will focus on the heart of the business: how to make money with a website.

You may not know it, but there are thousands – if not millions – of people in the world who, although they go totally unnoticed, are earning a good pinch with their web pages. And all this without needing to have millions of followers or to expose his personal life.

Not all of us are made to be seen on the street, right? And still, the Internet offers us many possibilities to earn money from anonymity.

But how much money are we talking about exactly?

It depends.

There are those who have only one website, and once it is launched they hardly pay attention to it. That person could be earning $ 100 to $ 300 a month. It is little, but considering that it does not involve even an hour of work a month, it is not bad either. A totally passive extra. With this, many people are already satisfied.

There are other people who also have a single website, but they dedicate some time weekly to keep it updated, improve their positioning, and attract more people. These people may be earning $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 a month. Nothing inordinate, but enough to say goodbye to your boss and live with the freedom you want.

Then there are people who, also with a single website, easily reach $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per month because their strategy is very well developed, they attract many people interested in their content and they have an infallible sales funnel.

And there are even people who have a fleet of web pages: five, ten, twenty, or even hundreds of pages. Altogether, monthly they can be obtained between 10,000 and 50,000 dollars perfectly. Yes, monthly. And I may fall short.

When we analyze online stores, then the turnover can skyrocket even more, but also the work and dedication that they entail.

The same with pages that sell a course. It will depend on how much the training they offer is worth, but with enough traffic, these pages can exceed $ 50,000 per month.

So, as you can see, these are not inconsiderable amounts.

Now, the money you get will depend on some factors or indispensable conditions. If you do not comply with them, your website could be a favorite hobby but nothing profitable. If you can master them, your website will become the business of your dreams.

Let’s see what these requirements are, do you think?

Necessary conditions to earn money with a website

1# Traffic acquisition

The most important thing to make money with a website is to get traffic, that is, visits. It is a basic principle: if nobody enters your website, you will not see a dollar.

Obviously, every website that starts does so without traffic. Thus, there is no choice but to move during the first months to attract the largest number of people.

Little by little, Google will realize that your website is interesting and will help you with better positioning. But that can take months, so you will need to speed up the process a bit by taking a proactive attitude when it comes to attracting traffic to your website.

2# SEO positioning

Google is in charge of putting you on the podium of its search engine or leaving you behind, among the millions of pages that no one consults.

Luckily, you can take actions to optimize the SEO of your website. Thus, Google will have it easier to show your page to people who are looking for that information.

There are plugins that can help you. But in addition, you will need to develop SEO-optimized content and have a minimum of knowledge to know how to improve the web and its authority. Internal links, external links, loading speed, bounce rate… There are so many factors that it is impossible to expose them here, but I assure you that it can be learned.

In fact, many people who today earn thousands of dollars from their web pages started without knowing anything about SEO. Through practice and constant research, they acquired this knowledge and now they manage to position their web pages in record time.

3# Choosing a successful niche

The niche you dedicate yourself to is also very important when estimating the benefits you could obtain with your website.

There are niches that are true income-generating machines. Although it is also true that many of these “golden niches” are already saturated. When this happens, it is more difficult to position itself and surpass the web pages that have been in that sector for years and a lot of work behind them.

Other niches, for their part, are difficult to monetize. This happens when the chosen topic interests very few people, when what is sold is too cheap, or when it is something that is not usually bought online.

A very basic example: if you try to make a website out of school pencils, you will hardly make a living out of it. Although who knows, with a good strategy we might be surprised!

Jokes aside, the truth is that finding a good niche for your website or blog is essential to ensure that your efforts will be rewarded.

You need to find a niche whose audience is quite wide, but which in turn still has low or moderate competition so that you can position your website with some ease.

Even if you think that everything is done, there are still many niches in which you could stand out, especially if your content is of quality and offers added value.

4# Dedication -at least, at the beginning-

The last essential condition for your website to be successful and generate money every month is to dedicate time to it.

Do you remember when I was talking about how much money you can generate with a website?

The first example responded to that of a person who barely spends an hour a month on it. Even so, it is possible to generate some money, but you will hardly reach $ 1,000 with this way of working.

In addition, before you can be unconcerned, you will have had to dedicate many hours of work designing the web, creating the content, preparing the monetization strategy, etc.

But if you dedicate some time to it weekly, the web will grow and consolidate. Google will take it more and more into account and traffic will progressively improve, generating more and more money.

I know, it can take a while to spend time on a website that is not making money yet.

That is why there are so many people who leave after a few weeks or months. They get tired of working and not seeing results. So much so, that only persistent people get results. The others quit early.

My recommendation is that, while you work on your website, remember that the money will arrive after a few months. Fill yourself with motivation and trust that this work will pay off.

How to make money with a website?

1# Google Adsense

This is one of the most common ways to monetize a blog.

It is about locating advertising spaces within your website. Thus, when someone enters to read your content, they will see different ads that might interest them.

The magic happens when that person clicks on the ad, either by mistake or because they really care what is being advertised. Each time this happens, a variable amount of money accumulates in your AdSense account, which is usually around 5 cents and 1 dollar.

As you should suppose, for this form of monetization to generate a good income you will need a lot of traffic on your website. Although you can also achieve this by having many web pages with lower traffic.

If you are interested in knowing more about this way to make money with your website, I encourage you to review how Google Adsense works.

2# Membership

Another very common way to monetize web pages and blogs is through affiliate systems.

It is about linking products of a brand or marketplace with which you have affiliated. When readers are interested in that product and click, a cookie will accompany them for a few hours.

If they end up buying that product within the period in which the cookie follows them (usually 24 hours), the store or brand with which you have affiliated will give you a percentage of the sale, which is usually between 1% and 10%.

Many web pages bet on this monetization system because it generates great benefits.

Now, it is not enough to place product links like crazy, you have to add value. Your mission will be to help readers choose the ideal product by sharing truly useful comparisons and recommendations.

As you already intuit, the money you get with affiliate websites will depend largely on the traffic, but also on the type of products that you promote. It is not the same to recommend books and obtain a commission of $ 2 as to recommend computers, whose commission could be around $ 70 or $ 100 perfectly.

3# Collaborations and sponsorships

You can also monetize your website through collaborations with specific brands or stores. Unlike affiliation, here the deal with the brand is more personal since you agree with them what the collaboration will consist of and how much they will pay you for it.

This is one of the most common sources of income for many YouTubers and influencers. Brands, interested in their popularity and influence, offer them varying amounts of money to talk about their products to their audience.

If your website has a large audience and well-developed social networks (be it YouTube, Instagram, or even a podcast), there will come a time when brands will start contacting you to offer you this type of sponsorship.

You can also register on platforms that connect content creators with brands, and thus make your way. But do it when your website or your social networks already have a certain authority.

4# Premium content

This proposal is not so well known, but it is also very useful to make money with a web page. It’s about creating exclusive content for the people who pay for it.

You can consider this form of business when you share very specific and valuable content on your blog that is difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere.

For example, imagine that you are an SEO positioning specialist. In your blog, you share some totally free strategies, but the most powerful and effective you keep only for people who decide to pay to know them.

If your readers value you as an expert and know that content will be useful, they will gladly pay.

This example can be extrapolated to many niches: cooking, fitness, meditation, programming, languages ​​…, and it usually works well on web pages whose owners are specialists in something that interests many people.

5# Create and sell ebooks and info products

A very similar way to the previous one to generate income with your website is to create info products.

These educational products, such as ebooks, guides, and manuals, can be purchased with just one click and can be downloaded and consumed immediately by the reader. Its intention is to provide specific knowledge in a very concentrated way.

The earnings from this form of monetization will depend, as always, on the traffic you get and the sales conversion rate. This, in turn, depends on the promise of value of your info product and its price.

Now, keep in mind that, in general, info products do not usually exceed 30 or 50 dollars.

6# Create online courses

When you have knowledge that other people want to acquire, you can develop online courses.

There are many different ways to create an online course. For example, you can write the theoretical content and accompany it with exercises or practical proposals; You can record videos in which you share your knowledge, or you can even agree on days when you will meet through a webinar (web conference). You can also set up individualized tutorials with each student to further support their progress.

Regardless of your online course, your mission is for students to take advantage of that investment, so you must make quality content.

That takes time and effort on your part. Consequently, the price of the course will be in relation to the value that your students will obtain.

There are online courses that are around $ 50, and others that reach a whopping $ 5,000 or more. And they are sold.

Obviously, to sell something of that value, first, you will have to have earned enough reputation for someone to be willing to invest that amount in what you offer.

7# Sell your services online

If you do not want to package your knowledge in the form of a course because what you offer does not adapt well to that format, you can also sell your services individually to each of your clients.

For example, if you are a web designer, you can attract new clients through your page and sell your service completely customized.

It is a very interesting business model for psychologists, coaches, nutritionists, and, ultimately, people who work individually with their clients.

Instead of receiving them in their face-to-face consultation, they arrange online sessions with them and carry out totally personalized work. In this case, your website will not be a source of passive income, but a business that fits your lifestyle.

8# Online stores

When we come to the world of eCommerce, many backs down. This already seems more complicated: stock management, shipments, returns … You wanted a website to obtain passive income, not self-employment that enslaves you more than your boss.

But let me clarify some details.

It is true that an online store is a more constant dedication than the web pages we have seen so far. But on the other hand, a well-designed eCommerce with interesting products can generate a lot of money.

So it all depends on what you want.

There are those who are clear that it is worth sacrificing a couple of years working hard on their eCommerce. When they start to make enough money, they hire someone to help them with the most tedious tasks, and they simply enjoy running the business and the profits generated.

Another option in the middle is to bet on dropshipping.

It is about acting as an intermediary between the wholesaler and the end customer. The customer enters your website and buys the product, but you do not have it in stock, but the wholesaler automatically receives the order and sends it to the customer without you having to do anything.

In this way, you save all the work of stock management, labeling, shipments, and returns.

As against, the profit margin is somewhat lower than if you sold it on your own. In addition, you must find reliable suppliers, because the client thinks that you are the one who is sending that product. If problems arise with the quality of the same or with the delivery, it will look for you.

Dropshipping has its pros and cons, so it is convenient to know it thoroughly to assess if it may really interest you.

9# Sell your website

When your website is already created and has considerable traffic, you can put it up for sale.

Yes, there are people who buy working web pages. They tend to be owners of fleets of webs, whose business is based on managing dozens – or even hundreds – of web pages and getting the most out of each one of them. They invest in websites with an average performance to optimize them and obtain the maximum benefit.

The price of a web page is highly variable and is usually based on the average profit you are making with it. It is calculated how much the web will generate in the next 12 – 24 months and that is the sale price.

You will stop earning that monthly money, but in return, you will receive an immediate and very attractive sum of money.

Your website: a blank canvas on which to paint your business

As you have seen, there are many ways to monetize your website and obtain benefits.

If you have had a good idea both in choosing the niche and in the way to generate income, in a few months you will begin to see results. First very discreet, and little by little more interesting.

Remember that if you spend time and strive to improve more and more, your website could be a source of passive income and even become your main business.

Now, since you know how to make money with a website, do you have any strategy? I will love reading about your plans.

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