How to Install the WordPress Plugins For Beginners

How to Install the WordPress Plugins For Beginners
How to Install the WordPress Plugins For Beginners

Installing the WordPress plugins is a simple task, but sometimes if we are not familiar or we are starting with this Content Management System “CMS” we do not know how to do it, so in this guide, I teach you how to install plugins in WordPress.

What is the WordPress plugin?

A plugin is considered a fragment of code that adds functionality that WordPress core does not offer or modify any internal WordPress functionality. The idea of WordPress ​​plugins is a very important feature for WordPress and other CMS. It gives the possibility to incorporate functionalities developed by third parties or by yourself for something in particular. This makes WordPress very versatile and can adapt to almost all the projects you need due to all the plugins on the market.

For example, something as basic as having a contact form must be done with a plugin that exists to perform this task. Or we can do something more complex such as having electronic commerce, this we can also do with a plugin that provides us with all the functionality of a virtual store.

WordPress plugins directory

Within there is a section of a directory of all the plugins that are validated by WordPress to be installed. We, currently, have about 55,119 plugins available to be installed from the official WordPress directory. In this WordPress Plugin Directory, we can find a variety of functionalities that we can install easily in our WordPress.

WordPress plugins directory
WordPress plugins directory

Within the administration of our WordPress in the plugin section, we can also see the same as in the closet of This is integrated into our Backend to be much easier to install without having to download it and upload it ourselves. Also, we have a search engine to be able to quickly find the plugin we are looking for.

In addition to the official WordPress directory, there are many other developers and sellers that sell or offer their WordPress plugins. These plugins are usually paid and are not validated by WordPress. But can be just as valid as the valid ones, although those in the repository they go through a small filter that the WordPress community performs.

How to Install the WordPress Plugins For Beginners

Install the WordPress plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory

This is the simplest part because as I said before the WordPress Plugin Directory comes installed inside the Backend of our WordPress. We just have to follow some simple steps to install them:

Install the WordPress plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory
Install the WordPress plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory
  1. The first and most obvious is that we have to access the administration of our WordPress through the URL ““.
  2. Inside the administration in the menu on the left, we go to “Plugins >> Add New“.
  3. Within this section, we will see the repository of plugins. We just have to look for our plugin in the search bar on the top right.
  4. Once we have found the plugin that we want to install, we have to click on the button that says “Install now“. When you press it will start the process of downloading the plugin to our plugin. We will see a loading icon while the process is running.
  5. Once the plugin download is finished, the same button that we have pressed will have been changed, this time “Activate“. We just have to press it to activate the downloaded and installed plugin.

Install third-party plugins

To install WordPress plugins that are not in the WordPress Plugin Directory, we have to own the ZIP of that plugin. Whether we make a plugin or download it from a third party we must have a ZIP file with the contents of the plugin to be installed from the administration of our WordPress. To install it you have to follow the following steps:

Install third-party WordPress plugins
Install third-party WordPress plugins
  1. Access the administration of our WordPress through the URL ““.
  2. Inside the administration, in the menu on the left, we go to “Plugins >> Add New“.
    In this section at the top, we will see a button that says “Upload plugin“. We must press it to continue.
  3. Now we will see a simple form to search in our computer where we have the zip of the plugin. Attach it and click on “Install now“.
  4. Now we have installed the plugin. If we want it to be seen or functions to be performed, we need to activate the plugin. Look for the plugin installed in our plugin and click on “Activate“.

WordPress plugin abuse

As we have seen installing plugins is a simple task in WordPress. But we should not abuse plugin in our WordPress because it can cause problems.

The most usual thing is that WordPress is getting slower if we have installed and active more plugins. So I recommend that we only have the ones that are really useful and we use them. Don’t have an installed plugin if you don’t use it because it only causes slowness.

Security problems: most hacks and security problems in WordPress is due to the plugin. So the more plugins we have in our WordPress, the more chances of being hacked. And if you do not update them you will still be more vulnerable.


Installing the WordPress plugins is very easy but you should install only the ones you really use. Keep them updated to reduce the possibility of hacking in your WordPress and avoid slowness of your website.

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