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Emotional Intelligence Increases Your Sales, How Can It Help?


In this article, I will write a topic that seems fascinating to me such as emotional intelligence and how it could have a very positive influence on the sales of a business and a company if used correctly, as well as can make your workers be happier and feel more fulfilled.

We all know that psychological and emotional aspects are involved in the decision process of a purchase.

People are emotional and, logically, this part of us participates in many occasions in decision making, that is why it is very important that we learn to know these emotions in order to generate greater empathy with our users.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence Increases Your Sales
Emotional Intelligence Increases Your Sales

Emotional intelligence is the ability to know, recognize, interpret and self-regulate one’s own and others’ emotions to properly interrelate.

According to Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence has to do with personal skills, it is not academic learning, it focuses on how you handle yourself and your relationships.

Another definition of emotional intelligence could be a person who is intelligent in the face of their emotions.

Having emotional intelligence is essentially listening to what emotions tell you and make sure you can handle it.

Skills and Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence

According to Daniel Goleman in his book “Emotional Intelligence”, the skills or characteristics that come into play in emotional education can be grouped into 4 skills or characteristics :


It is the ability to recognize a feeling at the same time it appears. It requires being attentive to our moods and reactions and relating them to the motives that cause them.

The voluntary expression of different emotions, their dramatization, is a way of learning them. What you can do right or wrong.


Self-regulation or self-management. Being aware of our emotions should lead us to learn to control them, but controlling them does not mean preventing them from happening but knowing how to manage them when they occur.

Being able to meet the goals. Be positive against the setbacks we may have. Control disturbing emotions that do not destroy your life or prevent you from doing what you want to do.


We could say that Empathy is the ability to capture the emotional states of others and react appropriately socially. It is, therefore, to understand how others feel.

We have to be able to put ourselves in the place of other people, know what you feel and what their problems are so that when we write our sales pages they feel fully identified.

Motivation and Relationships

It is a very important aspect that generates immeasurable strength and optimism, and that, logically, helps us greatly to achieve our goals. Manage relationships and teamwork well, be able to resolve conflicts, persuade and influence.

For example, working on what you are most passionate about can be a great generator of motivation, but there are many more.

The Importance of Emotions

Much of our decisions are influenced to a greater or lesser extent by emotions.

Emotions affect many of the decisions we make.

My passion for marketing led me to create this blog in 2019, something that, in the future, would change my way of life and my professional perspective, since I made the decision to start boosting my personal brand with the aim of one day being able to dedicate myself to what I was more passionate, promoting my own Marketing site.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence to Increase Sales

More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of their employees being trained in emotional intelligence in order to carry out better campaigns to promote their products and/or services.

For this, it is important to talk about emotional marketing, which is not just about integrating the concept of brand or promotion to touch the most sensitive fiber of the consumer.

There are many companies that use emotional marketing, one of the best known is Coca Cola, which always seeks to reach the finest layer of consumer sensitivity.

If we really want to use emotional intelligence to increase the sales of your company or business you should do the following.

Define and/or review the business model

If we want to apply emotional intelligence to increase business sales, we must start from the foundations of it.

That is, you have to thoroughly review your business model, so analyze each and every one of the company’s services and/or products.

The first of all is to ask yourself, how are you going to earn income, what are you going to sell and then define how you are going to do it.

Perform an internal and external analysis

We have to thoroughly analyze the business, from an internal perspective, analyzing its online and offline promotion channels and strategies.

Analyzing the web, the blog, organic visibility, work in social networks, as well as all offline actions.

It also analyzes at least 5 competitors and verifies its online and offline presence, which is its target audience, the products and/or services it offers.

Define the target audience

We go with a key aspect, and since we must define our target audience well, but far beyond social or demographic aspects since we have to know in-depth what are the interests of those people, what they are looking for, demanding or needing.

In short, it is about evolving the classic user profile where we are going to allocate our strategies so that we are able to empathize with them and touch them with the most sensitive fiber, obviously attending to their needs.

It is very important that we know your pain points, that is, those real needs that you have to acquire a certain product or service.

Define and/or review business objectives

We review the qualitative and quantitative objectives of the business, with special emphasis on those SMART objectives, and, therefore, we can better monitor the conversions obtained from a particular product or service.

Review the promotion strategies of online and offline products

Finally, we have to define and review all our company promotion channels, both online and offline, to see if the sales strategy or plan is appropriate or not.

We must integrate our entire strategy so that we are able to obtain as much information as possible from our target audience and also so that we are able to succeed with offering them those who are demanding, it is not something artificial and it is not something that can be created.

5 Books of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)

Essential manual if you want to know the Emotional Intelligence of the hand of the psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman.

He proposed the groundbreaking idea that positive emotion management was more decisive for success in life than IQ.

7 habits of highly effective people (Stephen R. Covey)

This is a classic of Emotional Intelligence books.

It has more than 25 million copies sold, and its main attraction is that it offers us a holistic approach on how to achieve success, happiness, and well-being.

The book is based on the development of the 7 habits as the most powerful factors of our life :

  • Proactivity.
  • Start with an end in mind.
  • Put first things first.
  • Think Win-Win.
  • Seek to understand first and be understood later.
  • Synergize
  • Tune the saw.
  • And he develops them throughout the book.

Educate with Maurice Emotional Intelligence (J. Tobias, Steven E., and Friedl Elias)

This is one of the most interesting and useful emotional intelligence books if we have children at home or if, for example, we are dedicated to the world of education.

The aim of this book is primarily to help parents communicate with their child at the deepest level and as rewarding as possible.

Buy from Amazon

The resonant leader creates more (Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee)

The true leader is not always distinguished precisely by his talent or his technical mastery.

We lack adequate skills to formalize effective leadership with which to manage emotions and enhance positive feelings in teams.

Buy from Amazon

50 activities to develop Emotional Intelligence (Adele B. Lynn)

If you want to improve your well-being and benefit from those of emotional intelligence, this book gives you 50 strategies that you can start using right now.

The book is full of tips and examples that will allow you to understand the effect that emotions have on your values, your relationships or your work performance.

Buy from Amazon


There are many apps and applications in the market that get a lot of information from our mobile devices.

Some of them touching and crossing the legal and moral barrier, even activating the microphone to listen to our conversations to know what our preferences are and above all what we are looking for.

Information can be obtained from other people, always and with their consent and always in a transparent way.

Emotional intelligence is a great skill to increase the sales of a business but it requires a great process of training and education of work teams, promotion and sales.

It is also a very important aspect that we must work as parents with our children, to learn empathy, to listen and better control their emotions.

I hope that the books of emotional intelligence that I recommend will help you improve as a person and as a professional, as well as for better job performance and your results.

If you want to recommend one more book on emotional intelligence, I will be happy to add it in an upcoming update to the article.

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