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Alternatives to Wetransfer – Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files


If you have reached this post, it is because you have had the need to send large files or, to be more exact, heavy files and you are looking for possible alternatives to Wetransfer. If you are new to sending files, surely you have tried it first via email, through your usual email provider and they have told you not to mention it.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. It has happened to all of us at the beginning. And, no matter how ultra cools your email server is, sending files over 20MB this way is mission impossible. Of course, when we talk about GB, the system crashes and we are faced with circumstances.

But, as in everything, there are solutions. One of the best known is WeTransfer, whose benefits we will tell you below.

WeTranfer – what it is and how it works

Ok, if you are reading an article titled: ‘Alternatives to WeTransfer to send large files’, the most normal thing is that you already know what WeTransfer is.

WeTransfer is a cloud application that allows you to send files. Of course, the shipment is done easily, quickly, and without the need for neither you nor the recipients of your files to have an account to be able to use this service.

One of its advantages over other alternatives to WeTransfer, which we will talk about below, is that you just have to enter their website, click on send file and select the one you want to share. You can add the recipients, or, failing that, enter your email so that the system will send you a link that you can share at will. And that’s all about how WeTransfer buddy works. Without complications!

Of course, you should know that in the free version of WeTransfer, you can only send files up to 2GB. If this is not enough, you can always choose to subscribe to WeTransfer Pro. With the paid option, the weight of the files can reach up to 20GB and you will have 1TB of storage.

But, in case you want to explore other alternatives to WeTransfer to replace it in your file shipments or, simply, to diversify your possibilities, here are a few.

Alternatives to Wetransfer – Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

Filemail – one of the oldest alternatives to WeTransfer

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

Filemail is not only one of the WeTransfer alternatives that have been on the market for the longest time (and experience carries a plus in its favor), but it is also the one that allows you to send files of up to 50GB.

Its design is a little basic and old-fashioned, but who cares if it fulfills its mission perfectly. Seriously, it is not that you have read wrong, it is that while other Wetransfer alternatives only allow you to send a maximum of 20GB, Filemail reaches up to 50GB. Doesn’t that sound like a real pass? Think that a normal quality movie weighs around 4GB and one in HD, about 9GB. Now do numbers … Are you hallucinating or not?

Of course, unlike other alternatives to Wetransfer that do not require installation, to send files online with Filemail and not die trying, we recommend downloading Filemail Desktop, available for PC, Mac, and Linux. The truth is that you can send large files through their website, but the process is slow and sometimes crashes.

If you are delighted with the paid version of this file sending tool, but still want more, for about $ 15 a month you can access the Pro version, which ensures unlimited shipments (both in number and weight) and many more things. The value for money of the Filemail Pro version makes it one of the most attractive alternatives to Wetransfer on the market.

Hightail – the alternative to Wetransfer formerly known as YouSendIt

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

Founded in 2004, Hightail is one of the oldest alternatives to Wetransfer. This company, whose only function was to send too large files to be sent via email, gradually added tools and services for companies and even changed its name.

To this day, this alternative to Wetransfer does not offer much in its free version, especially if we compare it with others. Its Lite plan only allows you to share files up to 100 MB and 2GB storage. Of course, it includes the preview option and the possibility of adding comments. But, although 100MB is more than what you can send by email, we remind you of the fact that 1GB is equal to 1,000MB.

Therefore, the free version of Hightail does not even reach the bottom of the shoes to other alternatives to Wetransfer, at least when it comes to sending large files. Also, even for this version, you will need to create an account, something unnecessary in our understanding.

But, the paid versions do offer a differential point that has made it worthy of being on our list of alternatives to Wetransfer. These are the spaces created for teams and the possibility of previewing videos without having to download them.

Smash – one of the best alternatives to free Wetransfer

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

What the free version of Smash offers is worth mentioning and makes it one of the best alternatives to Wetransfer, if not the best. If you are a regular follower of our blog, you will know that we do not like to recommend something like ‘the best’ since we consider it a very subjective term, whose meaning is configured according to the needs and expectations of each one.

However, we are going to tell you what Smash offers and let you decide if it is, or not, the best, or the best alternatives to Wetransfer. Attentive! Smash offers you the possibility to send files without a size limit, without the need to register, without an advertisement, and for free. Furthermore, if that were not enough, using this system, your links will last up to 14 days, 7 more than what other alternatives to Wetransfer offer on average in its free version.

Smash is also one of the most customizable Wetransfer alternatives. After selecting the file to send, you can choose things such as customizing the design of the files download page, the content to be shown, the duration in days, as well as the activation, or not, of the preview and notifications. Of course, to enjoy these options, you will need to pay for the Premium or Team version, at $ 5 and $ 10 per month, respectively.

The only point against this almost perfect alternative to Wetranfer is that, despite multiple attempts with different browsers, we have not yet managed to make it work through its mobile version. Through the computer, it goes like a shot.

JumboMail – similar to Wetransfer for sending files up to 5GB

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

JumboMail is another alternative to Wetranfer that offers more than this one in its free version. And, although in principle, you can only send files of up to 2GB (as with Wetransfer), you can expand up to 5GB for free, in a simple way. You just have to invite your friends and get at least 2 of them to register in JumboMail.

Registration is completely free, so either you ask two friends to do you a favor, or you register with 2 other email accounts (which we know you have and that you use foreign exchange for this or other kinds of things ). The latter is not the most ethical, but if you have no conscience problems, it works.

Like other alternatives to Wetranfer, JumboMail has a paid version, which gives you access to send files larger than 2GB (up to 20GB, to be exact), and greater customization and storage capacity. It depends on you if you want to opt for the Free, Pro, or Business version.

Terashare – the alternative to Wetransfer that bets on P2P

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

It may not be one of the easiest alternatives to Wetransfer to use, especially for those who are struggling with technology, but in return Terashare allows you to send files online without limits. Yes, you read correctly, without limits. Neither weight, nor the number of downloads, nor days that the file will be available. How do you stay?

As in everything, there must be a counter to so much benefit. To use this alternative to Wetransfer, you will need to download a small application on your computer. The good news is that it weighs little, so it will not take you a long time to download it and it won’t eat up space.

The file submission system works differently if your files are larger or smaller than 10GB. And this feature is what makes Terashare different from other alternatives to Wetransfer.

If you want to send a file of less than 10GB, it will be hosted on Terashare’s servers and its recipient can download it at any time, as long as you have passed the link. If the file exceeds 10GB, the recipient will have to download it directly from your computer. So if this is the case, remember to leave it on until the other person has finished the download.

SendTransfer – one of the simplest Wetransfer alternatives

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

The creators of SendTransfer have eaten much of the head, neither in the design nor in the available options, making this tool for sending large files one of the simplest alternatives to Wetransfer on the market.

Although, not because it is simple, it is not effective. If you have to send files online up to 5GB and you don’t care about the level of customization, this is your tool. Just enter the website, attach the files, put your email and the recipient’s (they can be several), and click send.

Like other alternatives to Wetransfer, SendTransfer also lets you add a message and choose how many days you want your link to expire. The maximum is 14.

MailBigFile – the alternative to Wetransfer of British origin

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

MailBigFile is not much different from other alternatives to Wetrasfer that use a Freemium model. In its free option, this tool offers the possibility of sending files of up to 2GB, which will be available for a maximum of 10 days.

With the payment options of this alternative to British Wetransfer, you will be able to access the Pro, Business Lite, or Business plans. Each one of them offers you more sending capacity than the previous one, with a maximum of 20GB per file and more customization possibilities.

DropSend – one of the few alternatives to Wetranfer with an Outlook plugin

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

With DropSend you can send large files, directly from the website, by downloading an app or, and this is what makes it interesting over other alternatives to Wetranfer, through Microsoft Outlook.

If you are a fan of Microsoft Outlook and it seems the most comfortable way to send an email (to taste the colors), the DropSend plugin will suit you like a glove. In this way, you can send emails with attachments of up to 8GB from your Outlook. Comfortable, right?

Like most alternatives to Wetransfer, DropSend also uses the Freemium system, that is, it offers a free version and the possibility of expanding it by paying for its plans, which range from Basic to Business, through four more.

The free version of this application similar to Wetransfer offers you to send files of up to 4GB.

TransferNow – one of the alternatives to Wetransfer that also allows you to send folders

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

If in addition to sending files online you also need to send folders, TransferNow can be one of the alternatives to Wetransfer that will help you do so. Also, it is one of the file delivery systems that offer more options in its free account.

Without registering, just by dragging files or folders from your computer to the TranferNow website, you can send up to 4GB and a maximum of 250 files per transfer. You can make up to 3 shipments a day and add up to 20 recipients in each of them, as well as the ability to set passwords, schedule the sending and expiration of the link, follow up and receive notifications. And all this, in the free version.

The Premium version claims to be similar to Wetransfer, although 30% cheaper. At least, this is what they say on their website. Furthermore, unlike their main competitors, they also offer some extras such as the ability to create contact lists, schedule shipments, configure notifications, and even a widget that will allow you to receive files from your website.

Send Anywhere – from the alternatives to cross-platform Wetransfer

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

Send Anywhere is one of the alternatives to Wetranfer that has taken the most trouble to make it compatible with almost all the platforms you can imagine. Thus, you can download it for Windows, Mac, and Linux, integrate it into Chrome, Microsoft Office, and even WordPress (thanks to a plugin), or install the application available in the stores of Android, iOS, Windows, and even on Amazon for Kindle.

But, if your needs are more limited and you settle for sending files smaller than 1GB, you won’t have to download any of the above. All you have to do is go to the Send Anywhere website, upload your files from your computer and click Send. Recipients will have 48 hours to download them.

Of course, like other Wetranfer alternatives, this one also has a paid version, Send Anywhere Plus. For the modest price of $ 6 per month, you can send files of up to 1TB, configure the expiration of the link, personalize the shipments with images, and establish a security password.

MyAirBridge – the best alternative to send files larger than 15GB

Alternatives to Wetransfer - Discover Wetransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files

Depending on the weight of the file (or files) you want to send, you can choose from this list a multitude of programs similar to WeTransfer that will serve you to fulfill your purpose. However, if your files are very large, your options are limited. And by very heavy we mean files up to 20GB, which is real nonsense.

But, don’t worry, everything has a solution. And in this case, it comes from the hand of My Air Bridge, which allows you to send files up to 20GB for free. And all this online, without having to download any software and using the Guest option, that is, you will not even have to register on the web.

It is one of the most powerful alternatives to WeTransfer and that offers the most capacity in its free version. But this website, which is also translated into several languages, also has different payment plans such as Basic, Pro, or Enterprise and another that is also free (Free) and offers you more possibilities just for the fact to create an account.

Don’t be swayed by its simple and unattractive design. If you are looking for something similar to WeTranfer but that allows you to send large files online up to 20GB, MyAirBridge is just what you were looking for.


If you have reached the end, you will have been able to count alternatives to Wetransfer to send large files online. Sure there are more, but neither do we want the list to be infinite, nor do we think they are better than the ones we have already named.

As always, if you want to discover more alternatives or have used a program similar to Wetransfer that has surprised you (for the better and the worse) and you want to share it with us, leave us a comment. We will be delighted to have your contribution.

For now, with this list, we hope it is enough. In summary, unless you have to send large files very often because of your work, most of the alternatives to Wetranfer that you have above can serve you well.

Our favorites? FileMail and TeraShare, for the amount of data that you can send for free. Up to 50GB in the first and unlimited in the second. Of course, remember that FileMail requires you to download a program and TeraShare that you have your computer turned on while the recipient downloads the file you have sent.

In terms of simplicity, we would highlight Send Transfer, thanks to which you can send files up to 5GB for free without the need for registration. It is up to you who you want to choose for sending files.

However, don’t limit yourself to one. Most of them do not require registrations. Try, rate it, and tell us your experience!

And if instead of sending files, you are looking for a system that allows you to store them in the cloud, we recommend that you read our post about the best alternatives to Dropbox. Although many of the alternatives to Wetransfer on this list will also solve that problem.

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