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4 Tips to Succeed in Your Personal Brand Promoting on Instagram


Have you ever stopped to think about what differentiates one brand from another in social networks? In this article, you will find 4 practical tips to succeed in Personal Brand Promoting on Instagram. A way to communicate our values.

The profiles of some personal brands are so similar that they even seem traced to each other. To differentiate in social networks as in real life you have to have a recognizable personality and values. We are all different!!

In social networks, it is essential that we are distinguished as a brand by our logo but also by our photographs and of course by our way of communicating our goals and our work. Being unique is important on Instagram.

If the differentiating in a social network is important, on Instagram, it is a necessity. Didn’t it give you the feeling on the occasion that the profiles look alike? Sometimes we find it impossible to distinguish them and what is more serious to know what that brand wants to convey.

In this post, I will make you reflect on the importance of being unique and how this is the key to the success of those who succeed in this social network. Being unique distinguishes us, projects us and advances us.

To achieve this goal on Instagram, you have to be able to communicate the value of your brand in each image, message or action. These values ​​are what will help you connect with your community and create loyalty in your followers. Do you dare to be unique?

The importance of communicating values ​​on Instagram

If you want to succeed in Personal Brand Promoting on Instagram, you have to learn to communicate these values. Just like our logo, our website or our brochures reflect these values, our social networks should also do so. Core values ​​in this technological world such as simplicity, transparency, adaptability or empathy.

To care for and grow our personal brand on Instagram, we must also know the characteristics of this social network. Instagram is very visual but we also have to communicate our goal in biography and storytelling.

4 Tips to Succeed in Your Personal Brand Promoting on Instagram

In today’s post, I am going to give you 4 simple tips to help you establish that communication with your fundamental followers for Personal Brand Promoting on Instagram.

1# Take time to write your biography

Have you noticed what your biography conveys? On many occasions, we do not complete it or do not give it enough importance. The Instagram biography serves to create the first impression of your brand. It is your business card in this social network. Therefore those 150 characters that introduce the Instagram profile are very important and with them, your followers will know who you are. And surely they will make the first image of your brand.

You have to present yourself honestly and make the most important information about your personal brand known. Do not write a single paragraph, divide your biography into lines and add hashtags and emojis with the arrow to indicate that they click on your link. Good advice is to change the biography constantly when new actions occur.

The biography is also the only place where you can place the link to your website and connect your profile. You can also include a custom or shortened link. You can also put calls to action with links to specific offers.

2# Create a unique style for your gallery

Do you think your profile is unique or are you aware that it looks like many others? I have already told you that to stand out on Instagram you have to differentiate yourself from others. It is essential to create a unique style for your brand that distinguishes it from similar ones when entering the profile. A style that helps you be recognized in a second and get more followers and more “likes”.

If the followers recognize that it is your Instagram account instantly, surely they will visit it again if it has really impressed them. To achieve this, you need to move those who enter your account to the point of wanting to follow you and interact with you every day. An Instagram account should be like poetry and appeal to the feelings, emotions, and illusions of followers.

3# Put a face on your personal brand on Instagram

The goal of a brand on Instagram should not only be to sell. To create a loyal community on Instagram, we have to be able to have a daily conversation with our potential clients. Good followers will want to know your brand and also ask you things and give you feedback on what they like or not. Think about what your brand can give you, not just selling your products.

Try to make your profile more refined and feel the brand as personal. Followers love to know who is behind each Instagram profile: our looks, our spaces, our tastes, illusions, and hobbies. It is not about sharing your personal life but about talking about who is behind your personal brand. Once a week, publish a personal image of yourself or your team but do not resort to too personal photographs that may compromise you and make you feel uncomfortable. It’s about relating the brand with a real face, not telling them problems that really don’t interest them.

4# Create stories with a hook

Are your followers interested in your stories? Are you sure? You can easily check it: if they like you or put a comment, it will be because they are interested. Remember that one of the fundamental elements of Instagram is storytelling. Not only do the images matter, but also the texts, the stories. If you repeat the same thing every day, they will surely not visit your profile again.

One trick to achieve more “likes” is to create stories that connect emotionally with followers. Always think about which stories you like the most and the ones that engage fans. Find which of the ones that are already hung have more “likes” and try to discover the preferences of your followers. Play with creative, amazing stories, with emojis, hashtags and lots of imagination. Instagram offers you infinite ways to create excitement and seduction.

Did you find these interesting tricks for Personal Brand Promoting on Instagram? Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends on social media.

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