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4 Tips to Choose Effective Hashtags for Your Social Networks


Hashtags are tags that allow you to sort by topic the content that is shared on social networks and are very useful for your personal brand.

Do you know that one of the key tools to manage and enhance your personal brand are social networks? If you use them correctly, they can be produced in a secure ally for your personal brand.

Social networks are nowadays one of the best tools to boost your personal brand quickly, easily and economically. But remember that you always have to support your strategic website and that social networks can throw you to success but if you use them in an erroneous or careless way they can sink you.

To have visibility on social networks, you must publish regularly and always with the aim of strengthening your personal brand. You have to use images with personality and quality, memes, infographics, quotes, lists, gif’s and also valuable content with hashtags.

The importance of using hashtags

A hashtag is a tool that you can use in various social networks to publicize your publications. They consist of tags that allow you to sort the content by topic that is shared on the social network and are very useful so that other users can also find your personal brand when they perform a search.

They are used in various social networks but are especially useful on Twitter and Instagram.

  • On Facebook, you can also use hashtags although you must check in the search engine that is in use for them to be effective.
  • On Twitter, they are the key to getting visibility, highlighting your posts and generating interesting conversations about a specific topic.
  • On Instagram, the use of hashtags will allow you to reach a greater number of users and that visibility can be essential to communicate with your target audience.

With the pad symbol (#) in front of any subject, we can achieve that content can reach a greater number of people if they are placed properly. For example, the most popular hashtags in 2019 or the most used have been #love #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #me #nature or #cute. I am going to give you several practical tips on the use of hashtags that are sure to be very useful for you.

4 Tips to Choose Effective Hashtags for Your Social Networks

1# Do not use only popular hashtags

If you use only these popular hashtags, you may suffer the risk that the content will go unnoticed on the social network. These popular topics include millions of publications every day and being so many it is difficult for a user to notice a publication of our personal brand. As Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags and Twitter those you want to use in its 280 characters, the most practical is to be guided by applications that help us know which ones are the best according to our interests.

Always use hashtags with value and relevance to connect the audience with our interests. You can help them choose applications like HashTags for Instagram that manages to discover hashtags with more interaction not only on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter. Leetags is also quite useful, which is another application that offers users the possibility of getting more interaction in their publications by suggesting the most popular hashtags.

2# Beware of texts

Although photographs and videos are essential in social networks, never neglect texts. If we add an insignificant phrase, a little meme or just several emojis to a great photograph, we are hurting our social media strategy.

In addition to a text that engages, interesting and meaningful, you can always add hashtags with value. A post with hashtags will always have greater engagement than another that does not use them. It will also connect you with those who may be interested in your content.

3# Avoid banned hashtag

Instagram has a list of banned hashtags that usually coincide with the most popular ones such as #cute #love or #IG. When used in the post, the social network can detect them as spam and reduce the visibility of your personal brand. It is best not to use these hashtags and if you have any in your post, delete it as soon as possible. On websites like IQHashtags, you can find out these hashtags that you should remove from your website and which ones you use the most and how they work.

You should also avoid excessively long or elaborate hashtags. Think that they are composed of words or phrases that are related to your personal brand and with which users could find you. Choose simple hashtags with value for your personal brand.

4# Choose the hashtags well

Although it seems a lottery, hitting the best hashtag is not usually complex. The most practical is to find related hashtags of our theme on Instagram itself. For example, looking for #fashion we found #fashionstyle #fashionpost #fashiondesigner.

Another tactic may be to look at those who use accounts similar to ours and even our competitors. But you never have to copy them all but choose those that can be useful for our personal brand. If you like to distinguish them from the text you can put only 3 or 4 and the rest in the comments. They can also be separated with 3 to 5 points online.

Have I satisfied you with the importance of using hashtags in your social networks? Hope so. But I have already told you that feeding social networks without an objective or valuable content makes no sense.

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