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10 Tips and Good Practices of Email Marketing for Companies


It is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques, but even today they endure because of their great efficiency in transforming leads into customers. Email marketing for companies is essential in any marketing strategy that wants to achieve the maximum optimization of its resources.

However, we know that there are many companies where they do not know how to take advantage of the emails that their clients provide them. And for that reason, with this post, we want to open our eyes to those businesses that are not yet taking advantage of the numerous advantages of mailing.

Advantages of Email Marketing for Companies

There are many advantages that this marketing technique have to boost companies. But among the main ones we can mention the following:

  • Achieve recurring clients in such a way that your economic efforts to capture a client are rewarded in a way multiplied by the consumption of your product or service with certain periodicity by the same user.
  • Getting users who follow you on social networks or the blog for your content end up being more than fans, are customers who buy your products or consume your services.
  • It is a very economical marketing technique if you compare it with others such as advertising, the organization of events …
  • The results of email marketing campaigns can be short-term and with little investment. For example, if at any given time the sales of your e-commerce have dropped and you need a quick income, you just have to prepare the launch of an email with a 24-hour offer and you will see how you achieve fast results.
  • Amplitude and audience segmentation. Virtually everyone uses email today regardless of age or accessibility to the Internet. In addition, with a good segmentation of your database, you can create emails focused on specific market niches. For example, if you have an online fashion store you can launch campaigns segmented by a boy, a girl or even child clothes for those users who are already parents.
  • The personalization of emails reaches the point where you can add custom fields to automatically send thousands of emails that appeal to the name of the specific person you are addressing without the need to write each email one by one.
  • The ROI (Return on Investment) of this type of marketing actions is very high. According to TheDMA (Data & Marketing Association), email achieves a 122% average ROI, becoming 4 times more powerful than the ROI of other digital marketing techniques.
  • Thanks to the metrics provided by email marketing tools, we can analyze each action perfectly to optimize future actions.
  • The A / B test type campaigns that allow practically all the email marketing tools also make it much easier to optimize campaigns in order to achieve the objectives.
  • Another of its great advantages is the possibility of automating many processes thanks to advanced email marketing tools.
  • Accepts all types of display formats: Text, video, image, gifs…
  • It combines perfectly with other online marketing strategies and channels such as the web, blog content, social networks…

Tips and Good Practices of Email Marketing

Now that you know what some of the main advantages of email marketing are, we are going to give you the main tips that you should take into account when properly managing this powerful marketing technique:

  • Work your database thoroughly: The more segmented and organized you have the more possibilities to personalize your emails and capture the attention of your potential customer you will have. Achieve a good segmentation according to your buyer people and create an unbeatable sales funnel to convert.
  • Take advantage of the functionalities of the tools: Email marketing is practically free since sending emails is free but to optimize the time of dedication it is really essential to bet on the use of an emailing tool. There are more simple and basic tools, and even with free options when your database is small. And then there are other more advanced tools with very good automation systems to put you to sell automatically. You can start with tools such as Benchmark Email or Mailrelay, and then move to automatic sales systems with tools such as ActiveCampaign.
  • Use the power of copywriting and all possible resources to capture the attention of your potential clients and achieve conversion. Everything must start with an infallible issue that makes the user choose to click on your email instead of going through it, sending it to the spam tray or deleting it. Then, you must capture their attention and get them to find value in your emails so that your emails are always well received in your inbox. Depending on the type of product and client you are targeting, a functionality, surprise, offer, entertainment, training approach will work best … Remember that you can use videos, gifs, images, and other resources to give dynamism to the message.
  • Do not be too insistent and adapt to the times of each client profile: Otherwise, it will be easy for the user to mark you as spam and lose it forever. For this, time segmentation will be very helpful, so there will be happy users to hear from you every day while others just want to have a weekly or monthly email from you. Make preferences and create lists and specific strategies for each type of client.
  • Clearly add CTA (call to action): Each email must have a clear objective on your part and be accompanied by a call to action for the user to know what to do. Mark your goal but convince him before how important it is for him to click there. You should try to be as short and clear as possible, being able to add accelerators like “only in the next 24 hours”.
  • The schedule matters: Discover which is the time of day that works best by reading rate and program so that your emails leave at that time. Each audience is different so you can also segment with this variable.
  • Structure your content: We recommend you do it following a clear outline that begins with an introduction that captures the attention, continues with a good argument of reasons and end with a clear call to action.
  • Comply with the law: Do not forget the importance of complying with the law of protection of personal data including the possibility of unsubscribing with each email you send.
  • The day of the shipment: It is another important fact to keep in mind. There are studies that have determined that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days of the week of greater opening, but the ideal is that you yourself do tests according to each buyer person because each business and customer is a world.
  • Give something in exchange for subscribing: The famous lead attractions that can be ebooks, templates or any other resource that you offer for free in exchange for the subscription, is key to get the data of your potential customers. It is valuable content that will help you grow your database.

We hope that these tips and good practices of email marketing for companies will be of great help to take advantage of this efficient system to capture online sales.

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