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What is WordPress and What is It for? Know All Its Advantages


If you have taken a tour of our websites, you will have seen that we always mention that all of them are made with WordPress, but what is WordPress, and what is it for exactly?

If you have never heard/read about WordPress, or if it sounds only remotely to you, with this article you will find out, and, probably, you will be convinced that it is the best way to have your own website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content manager that allows you to create and manage a website in a simple way. It is not just any content manager, it is the most used content manager in the world to create almost any type of website.

Now you are probably wondering what a content manager is. Well, it is a software that has been developed to create and manage a website without having to program.

Its acronym in English is CMS ( Content Management System ), and you will see them on a large number of occasions accompanied by the word WordPress (CMS WordPress).

There are several CMS for the creation and management of websites: Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento … but among all of them, the most popular, the most used and the fastest growing is WordPress.

What is WordPress for?

Well, as I have already mentioned, WordPress is used to create and manage a website without having to chop a single line of code.

WordPress was created in 2003 with the aim that anyone could have their own blog in which to share information with the world. As standard, it has all the basic functionalities that a blog should have.

But from then until now, WordPress not stopped must grow, and today the possibilities offered by the content manager is almost endless, because not only can be used as a blog, but can also be used to create almost all kinds of websites: corporate and informative websites, directories, online stores, social networks, forums, and a long etcetera.

How does WordPress work?

WordPress comes with standard features that allow you to create and manage a blog without any difficulty.

But as I have already anticipated, the thing does not stop there, and it is that currently a large number of websites can be created for different purposes.

This is so thanks to the themes and plugins that exist and that allow extending the functionalities that WordPress brings as standard.

A WordPress theme is responsible for giving the main appearance to the web (in the same way that it works on a Smartphone or on a computer, if you change the theme, change the appearance of the menus, icons, etc.).

Sometimes, themes also add extra functionality to the web, such as, for example, a system to create a directory, to display a portfolio, a classified ads system, etc.

A plugin is an application that adds extra functionality to WordPress. There are plugins for many purposes, such as, for example, to implement an online store with everything you need to sell (cart, shipping, and payment methods, taxes, etc, etc), to create a forum, to create subscription forms, to add social buttons, to create a social network, to layout designs on the pages, and a huge etcetera.

There are hundreds of different plugins to fulfill loads of functions that do not come by default in WordPress.

Both themes and plugins, there are free or paid. There is an official directory in WordPress from which you can download all the free themes and plugins.

And, on the other hand, there are tons of developers and companies that create and sell themes and plugins for WordPress, either from their own websites, or from marketplaces specialized in the sale of tools for websites, and, more specifically, for WordPress.

Why is WordPress the best choice for my website?

Now that you know what WordPress is, what it is for, and how it works, you are probably wondering why it is a good choice to have a website made with this content manager.

Well, apart from all the advantages that we have already seen, such as that almost any type of website can be made thanks to the themes and plugins that you can install. WordPress is the best choice for several reasons.

A great advantage is that it is suitable for anyone who wants to manage their own website without too many complications. It is not necessary to have programming knowledge, nor too advanced knowledge in computer science in general.

In addition, as I have already mentioned before, WordPress has had great growth since it was created in 2003, and, today, in 2020, it is already used by 33% of websites around the world.

This means that 33% of the websites that exist are created using WordPress. And if you look at all the websites that are created using a content manager, 60% of them use WordPress.

How can it be otherwise, behind this huge number of users, there is a huge community that is always willing to improve this CMS and help anyone who has questions or problems with it.

There are also many hostings that have specialized in WordPress, and offer technical help to their clients, such as SiteGround.

Therefore, no matter how little knowledge you may have, you will always have a solution around the corner in case you come across something that you are not able to do or solve.

Are you already clear about what WordPress is?

Well, if you are already clear about what WordPress is and what it is for, and you have no doubt that it is the best option for you, I invite you to take a look at our websites.

All are made with WordPress and use the best themes and plugins of the moment to achieve a 100% professional website.

Ideal for all those who want to use all the power of WordPress, but do not have the knowledge or time to achieve an attractive and functional website.

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