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What is the best time to send email marketing campaigns?


Email marketing is one of the tools most commonly used today to attract and engage customers and thus promote or provide a product and/or service. However, a person who is immersed in the world of marketing must find a balance in their programming.

For this reason, it is important to identify the ideal frequency and time with which you send an email marketing campaign to your clients. And, especially, to minimize the chances of becoming spam.

According to Statista data, while in 2014 about 196.3 billion emails were sent and received every day, in 2019, 293.6 billion emails are received daily. And the 2022 figure is estimated to be more than 347.3 billion a day. A lot! Which makes it clear that email is one of the most used channels in digital marketing, but one of which several mistakes are still made.

In the early days of email marketing, it was common to send messages to the wrong recipients because segmentation and personalization were not used as a strategy or, on the contrary, the database was not continuously updated, much less the sending of emails was scheduled. And that is exactly what we will talk about in this article: what is the best time to send your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing: how to choose the best day to send your campaign?

For every brand or company, it is important to know what is the perfect moment when consumers pay all their attention to the campaign they have just received and what response they give to this message.

But several factors must be borne in mind: there is no infallible answer that works in all cases, no brand or company is the same. If you do not know your target audience well, there will be no way for direct and effective communication to exist, you must determine their tastes or interests to meet their needs.

Not all subscribers have the same reactions and that depends on the sector your company is dedicated to, the type of campaign you want to do, and the product and/or service you promise.

That is why the best thing you can do to know the opinions of your customers is to carry out constant tests and observe the statistics to correct those failures that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and help you meet your goals.

In other words, it’s about trial and error.

Monday is not the “ideal” day

This day is not usually the favorite day to send an email or a newsletter because clients start their workweek and are dedicated to planning. They do a cleaning of their inboxes of all the emails that were collected during the weekend and your email can be deleted or considered as spam. Bad luck? Can be.

Ship on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

According to data from the sector, it is said that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the favorite days of the week to send an email announcing your promotions, services, or informational nature. Although there is no suitable formula, these days are the most popular in inboxes and also have a high open-rate and CTR.

But what if you mix shipments? It may be the case that you send an email on Tuesday and the second on Thursday, you do not have to follow a single formula, you can try to get better results. Likewise, you can choose to use a multi-channel strategy and make use of several channels: social networks, SMS, or sending messages via WhatsApp. Make sure to ship first thing in the morning, before your competition, or between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m.


This day you can play twice. There will be people who do not like to read and receive emails because the weekend is approaching and the only thing they think about is ending it, but it can also be the perfect day to send promotions or weekend offers.

Imagine that you know very well the tastes or preferences of your audience, you decide to send an email informing about an exclusive offer and that person did not have any plans in place for the weekend. You have targeted one of your sales goals and hopefully, you will have a very high open and click rate.

And at the weekends?

Do you read an email on the weekend? If the answer is no, do you think someone else does? It is no secret to anyone that on Saturday and Sunday most people want to disconnect and dedicate their time to being distracted and enjoying other matters. It is likely that if you send an email these days it will not be read and it will be deleted on Monday.

Tip: Sometimes it helps to let your subscribers rest (and have them miss you).

Other factors to take into account when sending your campaign

To have a successful sending in our email marketing campaigns does not depend solely on the day and time it is advisable to go testing according to the statistics and thus discover the formula that works for you.

Be clear that it is not about bombarding your audience with millions of emails but that you get to know them, earn their trust, and thanks to your quality content those people are interested in you.

On the other hand, it is good that you always keep this in mind:

Segment and customize your lists

It seems like a no-brainer but many fail in this world. Segmenting your lists will help you know everything about your audience: their tastes, needs, or habits. Also, your location, your demographics, and extra information. This data allows you to reach the right people and offer the products or services that are needed or identify those needs that are not yet covered.

In short, with segmentation and personalization, you can create marketing strategies that are effective and different from your competition.

“With segmentation and personalization, you can create marketing strategies that are effective and different from your competition.”

A fact: According to Yes Lifecycle Marketing, emails with a personalized subject have a 50% higher open rate.

The matter is not far behind

It depends on a good subject to attract the attention of the recipient, it is the first thing your subscriber will notice. To create an email subject you must comply with certain aspects:

  • Be direct and in a short sentence specify the topic.
  • That phrase should attract and fall in love with the person (that is why it is so important to know your audience in-depth).
  • Use between 5 to 10 words: neither too short nor too long.
  • Never make the mistake of using the person’s name in the matter.
  • Avoid words like “free”, “buy”, “click here”.
  • The subject and the message of the topic must be related, you cannot draw attention to one thing and then talk about a different topic.
  • You can use emoticons.

Shipping frequency

If you chose a specific day and time to send your campaigns or newsletter, your audience will get used to that and you will create the habit of waiting for your email in their inboxes so it is good that you comply with that frequency and do not disappoint them.

Choosing the frequency will depend on the tests you run and the various metrics you use such as open rate, clicks, complaints, subscriptions, bounces, and conversions.

Predictive shipping

Predictive sending is a solution with some kind of applications like Mailify. This allows you to send your campaign at the perfect time for each of your recipients by analyzing your contact base and the behavior of each recipient, with its predictive intelligence model it calculates the sending of the email for the scheduled time when the recipient opens or checks their inbox.


As we have already mentioned, there is no day and time that you must send your email marketing campaigns. Knowing what works for you may be a difficult process, but for that, it is very important to have a good marketing strategy, be clear about your objectives, and coordinate them accordingly. And, of course, to the engagement of the person with the brand, for example, if Apple sends you an email on a Sunday and you are a fan lover, wouldn’t you open it? There I leave you the question!

Don’t you think the time has come to jump in and run tests to see what is the ideal time for you and your clients? Try sending an email one day at an hour and then choose another day at a different time. What do the statistics tell you? Works? Also, don’t forget the famous A / B test that will help you launch two versions of the same content and measure which one is better.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

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