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Ten Content Ideas to Post on Your Social Networks


Content ideas … Not sure what to post on social media?

All social media directors have been in that situation. You need to post something but you ran out of interesting ideas. What would my audience like? How many times have I done the same? The more urgent it is to publish something, the fewer ideas you have in your head.

This help sheet with engaging social media content ideas will help you overcome that dreaded writing block.

Social media content ideas that get you out of the rut

Ask relevant questions

If you want to win friends and influence people, renowned self-improvement author Dale Carnegie recommends expressing genuine interest in them.

Do this by asking for your audience’s opinion or their ideas on a topic relevant to your industry.

For example, if you are a makeup brand, you might ask, “What are the essential makeup products for you this summer? Share in the comments below! ” instead of something more generic like, “Any fun summer plans?” Encourage the sharing of information that other audience members will find valuable and you will certainly see more interaction.

Take into account holidays and important dates

If you are looking confused at your computer screen, take a moment to check your desk calendar. Are there upcoming vacations or important dates? This is an excellent opportunity to create timely content.

For Valentine’s Day, you can organize a “customer love” campaign to show your appreciation. This could be as simple as sharing an image of something your brand loves or posting any love-themed image or quote.

Search for popular hashtags daily for ideas

Like holidays and special dates, searching daily for hashtags for content ideas is an easy win.

By understanding the popular hashtags of the day and the most appropriate way to use them, you can significantly increase your engagement and your brand’s visibility. Check out the post for a complete overview of the different types of daily hashtags that you can incorporate into your social media content.

Take your audience behind the scenes

The next time you’re sitting at your desk and wondering what to post on your company’s Instagram account, take a look around your office. What happens that may be of interest to your audience? Even something as simple as a co-worker’s birthday celebration can be an opportunity to show your work culture and create a deep human connection with your brand.

Some types of behind-the-scenes content you can create right now:

  • Employee profiles, including executives and even the CEO
  • Workplace tours to show where and how your products are made
  • Pet introductions in the office (if your office allows dogs, do a presentation or social media acquisition like in this Instagram post )
  • Photographs of employees and team members working hard
  • Photos and videos of events in which your brand was involved

Host a contest

One more content idea that may require a bit more planning and effort than other content ideas, the payoffs can be enormous. Contests are a great way to connect with your audience and get them excited about your brand. Before launching the contest, be sure to set clear goals, have a desirable prize ready, and provide instructions for participants.

Make your customers the center of attention

A good way to thank your customers and have unique content on hand is to promote customer profiles or share case studies. On Twitter, this can be as simple as a #FF post (follow on Fridays) including an important customer solution in your tweet.

On Instagram or Facebook, you can post case study videos, FAQs, or other interesting profiles of your clients. Find unique ways to expose them and show your audience that you appreciate each and every one of them.

Share a reading list

You can bring value to your audience with a reading list, just make sure it’s relevant to your industry and company.

To create a list, think about the books you are reading or recently read, or make a collaborative list of ideas from your colleagues. Alternatively, share a reading list that your company’s CEO has created. People love to see what content the best and brightest leaders are consuming.

Create a weekly summary

If you’re hitting weekend wear, a great way to maintain an active social media presence is to share a weekly roundup. Showcase your brand awareness in the industry by posting a list of the week’s top news or stories. Or you can share the best photos posted by your clients or a summary of new people or brands to follow.

Answer common questions

If you notice that your social media mentions include the same questions over and over again, you have your next post idea. Create a post or video where you include a question and answer it in the best way for your audience.

The answer is valuable to your audience, and you save time by proactively answering the question. This also shows your audience and customers that you care.

Share a snippet from one of your blog posts

If your brand regularly performs a blog update, you have a goldmine of content at your disposal. Find a highlight or grab one of your most recent blog posts (or a popular one) and share it.

On Instagram, this could be in the form of a post-based text or as a comment on an interesting image. On Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter you can use this tactic as a sneak peek and a way to entice readers to click through to your blog site.

One of the best content ideas that we can give you is presenting short, concise, and powerful content that attracts the audience and encourages them to share your publications.

The next time you find yourself subject to time and ideas, you don’t need to panic. Bookmark this list and start creating more great quality content.

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