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Site Kit by Google – WordPress Plugin Full Guide


All tools in 1: Analytics, Adsense, Tag Manager, Search Console, Page Speed ​​united in Site Kit by Google in WordPress We tell you how it works!

If you want your website to get traffic and conversions, it is not enough to install WordPress and create an attractive web design.

You need to use tools like Google Analytics or Search console to see user behavior on your website.

This is essential if you do not analyze what the user does on your website you will not be able to make well decisions and draw up a strategy to improve.

Until now these analysis tools could be used externally or you needed to install several plugins on your website to be able to see everything easily through panels if you wanted to do it from the WordPress administrator.

This has been completed thanks to the Site Kit By Google tool: the official Google plugin for WordPress.

What is Site Kit by Google?

Site Kit by Google is a plugin that integrates everything Google advises you to follow on your website to improve a site for the user.

Thanks to it, in a simple way you will be able to perform necessary tasks to please Google integrating everything that many websites do not do, and that are essential tasks.

The best of all is that if this was previously done manually or using several plugins, now, in a single plugin you will have everything integrated and its simplest operation cannot be.

Thanks to Site Kit by Google you will be able to manage and see all the data from your Dashboard of:

  • Google Analytics: you will access the main characteristics of analytics, being able to see the traffic that arrives at your website, which is the articles with the most traffic, etc.
  • With this, you can make a series of decisions and check if the strategy you are following is the right one.
  • Google Search Console: in a simple glance you will see the keywords that are having the most clicks per impression. This is essential to carry a good web positioning strategy.
  • Adsense: if you have the Google advertising system integrated you can control the income and performance of them on your website in a simple click.
  • Page Speed ​​Insight: Loading speed is yet another positioning factor. Thanks to the Site kit you can check if your website is fast.
  • Tag Manager: Google’s tag system is also integrated into the Site kit and you can see the events or associated tools through it at a simple glance.
  • Optimize: Google’s A / B test tool is also used in the Site kit panel.

Each of these tools is more complex and gives much more information by accessing it externally, but being able to access your WordPress every day and at a glance being able to control everything from the dashboard is wonderful.

Also, within the different options of the plugins, you have direct access to the different complete platforms, with which, everything is much faster.

We are going to see how this Google tool is installed and configured step by step, but if you want, you can also see this video where I explain the entire installation and configuration process of Google Site kit.

Install Site Kit by Google on WordPress

To start enjoying Google Site Kit in your WordPress installation, it is very simple since you just have to go to Plugins> Add new.

Write Site Kit and you can now install and activate this all-in-1 plugin.

When you activate it, on the side of your WordPress you will have a new option called Site kit.

To enjoy this tool, of course, you need to be registered in Google Search Console and Google Analytics with a Gmail account.

Thanks to that Gmail account you can link the Google Site Kit tool with all those tools in 3 easy steps.

Let’s see how it is configured.

Set up site kit by Google

Once the plugin is installed and activated, an installation window will automatically appear.

Site Kit will guide you in 3 steps to configure your options.

The first window shows you a tab that you can activate if you want to provide data to the tool and that it can improve.

Click Start Configuration.

Let’s see the steps to follow.

  • Sign in with Google: Sign in with Google account. Use the Gmail account associated with your analytics and search console.
  • Allow Site Kit to access your Google Search Console accounts: it is simple, you just have to give permissions by clicking on the buttons until you welcome.
  • Welcome to Site Kit: continue to click the allow and add site button.
  • Go to the Dashboard.

That’s it, now you have associated the tool with the Google Search Console and you can see data, but you can also integrate Analytics or Adsense for example so that you have everything from the dashboard of your WordPress.

Site Kit Settings

In the Settings option, you can see the connected services or you can also associate the other tools offered by the Site kit.

The process is the same that we have been following so far.

For example, if we want to associate Google Analytics in WordPress we will click on “Connect service”.

In the same way that before we will be giving permissions at the click of a button and in a few seconds you will be able to enjoy the Google analytics tool in your WordPress administration panel.

If you have more than one analytics account associated with the same email, select the one on the website to integrate.

The process for the rest of the tools (Google Adsense, Page speed, Tag Manager or optimize is exactly the same).

Configure all the ones you use and start using the panels it offers.

In settings, you also have an option “administration settings” where you can see that everything works correctly and you also have the direct option to reset the plugin.

How to use Site Kit

Once the tools are associated, it is time to know how to use them.

If you’ve ever used the tool with its external platform options this will be a piece of cake for you.

The panels are very easy to understand and above all, it is very comfortable to use.


On the main dashboard, you will see a panel with general statistics information from around the web.

  • Prints
  • Clicks
  • Most popular pages
  • Visits
  • Traffic sources
  • Adsense earnings
  • Loading speed

You will see a summary of the data on your website.

If yesterday you had a record of visits, for example, the Google Site kit will show it to you as soon as you enter.

Google Search Console

In Search Console, you will have an overview of the impressions, clicks, ctr, and average position of the keywords of your website.

You can control which keywords are receiving the most clicks.

This is very important because if every x impressions a certain page of your website has few clicks, you have to take steps to increase the ctr.

You can access more information and the administration of Google Search Console 100% in one click through the link “see complete statistics of Search Console”.

Likewise, clicking on each keyword in the table provides more information in the complete tool.

Google Analytics

Just like in the Search Console, you can expand information thanks to the direct access to the complete tool by clicking on “see the complete statistics in analytics”.

Thanks to the Site kit you have clear and direct information about the pages that are having the most traffic and, above all, the bounce rate that occurs on each of those pages.

If the bounce rate is high, you already know that you have to work to retain the user more time inside it.

Also, observe where the majority of the traffic to your website comes from. In this way, you can take another series of strategies to get more traffic through SEO, social networks, email marketing, etc …

Google Adsense

If your website has Google Adsense integrated, you need to link your account by installing the code throughout the web.

Once done you can associate Google Site Kit and have access to income and other options and opportunities to generate more income.

Page Speed ​​Insights

The loading speed on the web is very important. You will avoid if your website loads quickly that the user gets bored of waiting and ends up clicking on the competition.

Google Site kit makes it very easy for you by showing information on the speed of how fast your site is on mobile and desktop.

The speed on the mobile is always lower than on desktop.

The tool shows you in the image when the web is completely interactive for example.

The data is based on the scale of values ​​used by Google Search Console.

They are a bit strict data.

Google Tag Manager and Optimize

In the same way, if you use these two Google plugins you can associate them with the Site kit and have control on your WordPress dashboard.

Site Kit Finder

Within the dashboard and in the different panels of Search console, analytics, or page speed, you will have a search engine to analyze a specific URL or page in order to study detailed data.

Site Kit Top Bar

When you install Google Site Kit, from the front-end you can see by placing the mouse over the “site kit” tab a general report of web traffic.


Google knows that there are beginner people who need basic information and don’t want to leave WordPress to see it.

Google Site kit has been created for this. To quickly report the performance of a website.

Thanks to Google Site Kit you will have everything at hand and at a glance, you will have everything at a glance to improve the website.

The usability, the simplicity of handling and the possibility of expanding information with links to the complete tools make Google Site kit a much-needed plugin in a WordPress installation.

You no longer have an excuse to make your website a project without errors, fast and with great possibilities to increase traffic and conversions.

Install the free Google Site Kit plugin now.

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