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Guerrilla Marketing – 7 Steps to Use This Strategy in Your Business


With the increasing competition for public attention, brands need to have innovative ways to stand out. In this context, guerrilla marketing appears as a highly effective alternative.

The concept is not new, but it gains other possibilities as the technology develops and the creativity of the brands acquires space in the media.

If you are looking for an innovative way to reach your audience, guerrilla marketing can be the solution.

In the next topics, we will show you the concept of guerrilla marketing, its importance and how to implement that idea in your strategy.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

The term guerrilla marketing refers to a type of strategy with actions considered unconventional.

Its impactful approach has as its main objective to be strong and memorable with the target audience, standing out among the actions of the competitors.

One of the highlights of guerrilla is that it is not necessarily expensive. In general, it is necessary to have strong planning that includes highly creative and effective actions to have a significant impact on the desired audience.

Guerrilla marketing requires a fairly thorough understanding of the profile of your buyer. This happens because it is necessary to develop actions that are really capable of impacting the right people and causing the right emotions in them to generate the expected returns.

Why Invest in Guerrilla Marketing?

When we objectively analyze a guerrilla marketing campaign, we see that it does not differ much from a conventional strategy. The main factor that stands out is the definition of the right actions to cause the expected impact with the public.

Despite this, guerrilla marketing has the potential to generate much more significant results. Given that, as we have already said, it is a very effective way to stand out among the conventional campaigns of the competition, because you will do something different from what is already being disseminated.

Guerrilla marketing also has the potential to have its reach expanded from spontaneous means. This is because, with the power to share on the Internet, an action in a public space can go viral and further refine the results of your campaign.

How to Create a Good Guerrilla Marketing Strategy?

The benefits of a guerrilla marketing campaign are only accessible to brands that know how to use the forces of this type of strategy efficiently.

For that, some specific care is needed to guarantee quality in this type of implementation.

Next, look at the 7 tips to develop a good guerrilla marketing strategy:

1. Establish objectives and goals

Even if conventional means are not used to achieve results, guerrilla marketing cannot be activated without defining specific objectives for your campaign.

This includes the definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) able to point out the effectiveness of your actions.

By keeping in mind what you intend to do, it becomes possible to understand which of your actions were successful and which require adjustments.

2. Understand the profile of your audience

Deep knowledge of the motivations and needs of your audience is essential for any type of marketing strategy to be successful.

This becomes even more important when dealing with guerrilla marketing since its success depends on impacting the audience in a significant way.

In this way, you need to understand how your audience tends to pay attention to day-to-day incentives. Your guerrilla action must be able to interrupt this process and succeed by directly attracting the attention of those people.

3. Use the most appropriate channels

Like any other promotional initiative, guerrilla marketing should make use of the appropriate channels to reach your audience and cause the desired impact.

Your choice must be highly strategic so that your reach is as high as possible.

The definition of your communication channels should also serve to make your actions viable. Depending on the strategies planned, it may be that certain means must be prioritized in relation to others.

As it is possible to address both the online and offline media, it is important to consider all possibilities.

4. Prioritize creativity and originality

The essence of guerrilla marketing depends on truly innovative and unique actions.

It does not make sense to copy the strategy of another brand since that will not have the impact you need nor will it give you the results you are looking for and may even harm your image.

That is why the planning stage of guerrilla marketing should prioritize creativity and originality, which usually demands more time and consideration.

Just activate your campaign when you’re sure it’s really unique.

5. Be compatible with the identity of the brand

As much as guerrilla marketing is essentially disruptive, you can not run away from the essence of your brand. Otherwise, you may even be successful in reaching the public, but you will fail to strengthen the presence of your business in the segment.

In this way, be careful when developing your planning to create actions that really identify with the positioning of your business.

Your strategy should be something that only your brand could do.

6. Create good contingency plans

By gathering disruptive elements, guerrilla marketing also usually brings more risks than a conventional strategy. Therefore, it is essential that part of your planning contains a time dedicated to developing contingency plans to deal with possible problems and errors.

It looks for possible risks and marketing problems that may harm your strategy, going from a partner that does not make a delivery, to a certain action that does not generate the expected result.

And of course, prepare yourself for the main contingencies, preventing the campaign from being a disaster.

7. Monitor your results closely

Even after the activation of your guerrilla marketing strategy, it does not mean that your work is over. Actually, it’s just starting.

The most important point involves monitoring your results and how close they are to your defined goals.

A guerrilla marketing action requires extra care, to look for more significant impacts on the public.

A negative reaction, for example, needs to be detected in real time and have adjustments as soon as possible so that your results are not damaged.

Is Everything Ready for Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing can be the way to help your brand reach your audience in a shocking way and stand out among competitors.

Take advantage of the above suggestions and define your approach so that you collect the expected results.

The use of the digital environment is essential to create significant actions, whether guerrilla or not. Another very interesting strategy is to use the commemorative dates to make seasonal campaigns and draw the attention of your audience at that time.

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