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Google Stadia – Top 5 Accessories for Stadia


Google Stadia is growing at a high rate as one of the subscription services of choice for those who are looking to play using the cloud. With Stadia, we can play video games with a 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and the catalog grows with time.

The platform has quite a few well-known games such as F1 2020, Little Nightmares, Metro: Last Night Redux, The Elder Scrolls Online, PUBG, The Division, MotoGP 20, or even Monopoly itself. Google has integrated this service with several of its star products, including YouTube or the well-known Google Chrome web browser, one of the most used today.

Google Stadia does not require hardware for playback, since it is necessary to hire the platform, and basically an Internet connection, a computer, and running Chrome are necessary. Stadia offers two services, one free called Google Stadia Base and another under a monthly subscription called Stadia Pro.

For proper operation, it is essential to have accessories if you want to get the most out of the titles you have, so if you already have it, it is advisable at least to think about getting them. One of the fundamentals is the pad, quite functional, and adaptable to each user.

Google Stadia – Top 5 Accessories for Stadia

Stadia controller

Google Stadia - Top 5 Accessories for Stadia

It is one of the accessories that you cannot miss if you want to handle Google Stadia perfectly, it works with Chromecast Ultra on the TV, with the PC, and also on mobile phones. It has wireless support for Android phones since June 30 this year.

The construction allows it to be comfortable when using it, either by the configuration that will have all the actions at our fingertips in the programmed buttons. It has an adjusted weight, it is similar to the PlayStation and Xbox console controls, either by the design of the first and with the letters chosen for the buttons.

It has a crosshead, two analog joysticks, four configurable action buttons, the triggers, also on the front it has four different buttons to access settings and perform other important tasks, be it capturing images, videos, and other additional things.

The Stadia Premiere Edition costs about
$69.99, a price that will allow you to offer the best experience when playing with all the available titles. You also have the option of purchasing the pad for $51.75 without having to get the Premiere Edition. The pad can be purchased in a white tone with orange details, in a black tone and the other option is the control in white and fluorescent yellow tone.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Headphones

Google Stadia - Top 5 Accessories for Stadia

From wanting to have the best sound on a mobile phone, everything goes through adequate headphones, especially if you don’t want to bother people at home. Razer has launched the Hammerhead True that makes use of a wireless connection and without the need for cables, so they will not bother you at any time.

Their battery life will not last for many hours of play, but they are chargeable and necessary if you want the best audio quality in those games with your mobile device. They are compact, easy to use by connecting quickly with your smartphone, and chargeable in their case.

The important thing about the Razer Hammerhead is that you can use it for almost any device, you can also listen to music on your phone comfortably anywhere, connectable with other devices such as the tablet or PC. Currently, many terminals dispense with the jack and are a solution to be able to reproduce surround quality sound.

The quality-price is quite justified, getting one of them will cost you $69.99, but it is worth it because they will always go with you, you get to play Google Stadia or if you use it for other purposes. Razer has made this peripheral one of the best accessories for Stadia.

Claw power mount for Stadia controller

Google Stadia - Top 5 Accessories for Stadia

The way to play comfortably with a mobile phone with the Stadia pad is with support suitable for our device, the claw power support is the one that best suits it. With this, it will allow you to play with the panel of your closest smartphone and offer you the best view.

The controller is gripped with a programmable setting, keeping the terminal always held and the grip will prevent it from falling to the ground. The grips are made of rubber, so the phone will not suffer any damage or scratches as it could happen with other mounts sold on the Internet.

Despite being a simple accessory, it will be very helpful when playing with the Google Stadia controller and not having to rest the smartphone anywhere in an unstable way. There are many adaptable models, the list confirmed by Google itself gives us many options when it comes to playing titles in the cloud.

The price of the support is $ 14.99 and is available on the Power Support page, the manufacturer that sells it. It will not cost us to get hold of it, since it is pleasant to the touch and you will enjoy it while playing with your mobile device anywhere.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

Google Stadia - Top 5 Accessories for Stadia

Users have one of the best choices in the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller since it works within Google Stadia and offers the best experience when playing. The Microsoft remote is an alternative to that offered by Google, in this sense it works on Windows computers and also on Android phones.

If you are passionate about the titles that are on Stadia, this official pad from the Redmond company will allow you to adjust each of its action buttons to each of the available video games. It can be played with the platform once you open it in the Google Chrome browser, so in this case, you only need to configure it and start playing.

If you play frequently on the platform it is more than advisable, many are those who are using it when connecting to the cloud to play since you can get titles in your own catalog. The crosshead is quite comfortable, as well as the analog sticks that will allow better performance in all games.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has a high cost, so it is one of the options that will not be economical, but it remains to be said that it can be used with the Xbox console, with the PC, with the telephone, and everything programmable once you connect it since the configuration of this remote is one of its strengths. The price is $179.99 on the official Microsoft website.

Razer Kishi Mobile Controller

Google Stadia - Top 5 Accessories for Stadia

The accessory that cannot be missing if you have a smartphone is Razer Kishi, one of which was almost created by Stadia with the well-known peripheral manufacturer. Adaptable to different telephones, it makes it a powerful portable console of a unique size and similar to that of others such as PSP.

The only downside is that it uses USB-C, only those phones with this port can become a powerful portable game console. Thanks to the speed of USB-C, the latency will not be noticed, since it makes it fast when it comes to working and we will have the best experience on the market with this controller.

Razer’s Kishi has an important addition, that of being able to charge the phone while you play, therefore you will not have to plug it in those times when you are in the middle of a game. Once you are done you can fold it compactly, store it, or leave it somewhere without taking up too much space.

Like the Stadia controllers and the Xbox controller, Kishi has a crosshead, two fairly precise analog sticks, all configurable once we attach it to the phone. It has four action buttons, two triggers to be able to configure them for shooting games, make any character run, whether it be platforms or even for sports games.

Thanks to its flexible design, the controller can be connected quickly and easily to a variety of phones, suitable for large devices such as the Razer Phone or Razer Phone 2. You can change the rubbers for others, in this case, they will adapt to those sold by Razer itself through its official store.

The price of Razer Kishi is about $107.66 in the manufacturer’s store, it is one of the most demanded products for those users who have the Google Stadia platform. Since its release, the demand has been quite high and it is adaptable, reminiscent of those terminals with USB-C. It works with Android 8.0 or higher version and once users connect it, they will recognize this adaptable controller for smartphones that over time has become an interesting option for Stadia gamers from the Mountain View company.

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