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Essential Tips From Facebook to Improve Content Delivery


Improve Content Delivery and Create quality content is vital for brands to connect with their audience on social media. In recent years, in addition, the consumption of audiovisual content has experienced a very important growth in platforms such as Facebook, where brands have to resort to inventiveness and cunning to manage to avoid the algorithm’s designs and that their content does not lose reach.

For content to generate significant conversations and interactions, brands must take into account several factors. Among them, knowing how, when, and where text and audiovisual content should appear on Facebook and taking into account the evolution of the audience and what it wants to see.

Essential Tips From Facebook to Improve Content Delivery

In this series of ideas, brands can follow the following tips, which are included in one of the courses on Facebook Blueprint, Facebook’s training platform, and which is mainly focused on content creators. The tips would be these:

Create content that engages the audience. The content must be created with the aim of inspiring interaction between users.

Asking questions that have a wide range of answers: It is not recommended to ask the audience questions that have a predefined answer, such as a person’s age. It is better to ask open questions, with which you can expand. This will allow the user to have more freedom when interacting.

Do not tell users what to do: The content should not be created to give fixed instructions, but to start a conversation that allows users to comment, ask, and share their opinions.

Clickbait is not valuable content: Clickbait -look for the user’s click at all costs- includes expressions such as “Comment yes …”, “Like if …”, “Tag a friend if …”, among other things. Although it may work, users do not interact because the content is of value, and their interest in the brand will be lost.

Offer original content. If a page offers original videos it will reflect your voice and your values, and the audience will follow because they are different and offer material, images, and information that they will not be able to get on any other Facebook page. Adding content made by other people or posting duplicate content is not recommended.

Loyalty to the audience. More than taking into account the number of views a publication had, brands should be concerned with building loyalty from their audience. That is, get more people to see your content again and share it, and take into account the number of viewers they retain week after week.

Post constantly. The idea is to post content daily or multiple times a week so viewers are encouraged to come back for new content. It is important to take into account which are the best days to publish content on social networks, although they are still generalities and it will be the Community Manager’s job to know when their audience is most receptive to the content.

Answer comments and questions. Taking a few minutes to reply to users will move them from followers to fans. If they invested time in contacting us, we must also invest time in answering them.

Descriptions and keywords. Write good descriptions so that videos, photos, and other content are easy to find. In this sense, it is recommended to use keywords that are repeated naturally and help users find the content.

Extra content. Posting extra content such as a question and answer session will help create a better relationship with your followers.

Never buy followers. Do not pay for new followers, since loyalty is something that cannot be paid, but is earned.

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