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Earn Money Selling Products Directly From Suppliers


Earn Money Selling Products Directly From Suppliers

Studies indicate that online sales are becoming more frequent and that it is harder for physical stores to compete with them every day. With this success of virtual commerce, it is easy to realize why so many people consider opening an online store.

If you are one of these people, it may be best for you to work directly with suppliers instead of using the traditional model of starting to accumulate inventory. With such an agreement, you would be associating with a supplier and selling your products to the public.

When a customer makes a purchase, you notify the supplier. Once you do, the supplier will send the product to the customer and will pay you a percentage for making the sale.

The biggest benefit of this model is that it eliminates the costs and risks of having to accumulate inventory. Also, starting to work with suppliers is very easy.

You must take care of opening a virtual store, promoting and managing it. All complications related to shipping are the work of the supplier, so you can manage your store and earn money.

If you want to start making money selling things directly from the provider, you can find thousands of suppliers looking for people like you.

The details of selling directly from suppliers

Let’s pay a little more attention to the details of selling directly from suppliers.

You make an agreement with the supplier and become an official seller of their products. They own all the inventory. You will never have to touch or handle any of the products or be financially responsible for them. This makes it easier to concentrate on the business and simply earn money online.

Once you have an arrangement like this, you can sell the products through your own site or through an online store like Amazon or eBay.

This is how a sale would work

  • The customer finds a product that he wants to buy on your site or in the virtual store where you appear, so he adds it to his shopping cart and pays for it using the online payment system.
  • You receive the order information that originated with that purchase (and the discount made by the website where you published the products.)
  • You send the order information to your supplier and the payment for the cost of the merchandise.
  • You keep the rest of the money from the sale as your commission.
  • The supplier completes the order and sends the product to the customer.
  • You will handle all communications with the customer, including telling them when they will receive their order, giving them updates about their shipments and receiving inquiries and complaints once they receive the product.

The most important thing in your relationship with your provider is trust. You have to be able to trust that your supplier will send the promised product to your customer in a timely manner. In addition, the supplier has to trust that you will pay for the products it sends. The two will have some risk, but if you work with a known provider, you shouldn’t have to worry about ending up in a bad situation.

Benefits of selling directly from suppliers

So, why use this model instead of having a traditional online store? These are the reasons why selling products directly from suppliers is the best option:

1# You don’t have to buy anything

When you work with this model, you can sell products that you have never bought. This means that the costs to start selling are very minor. Nor will you need to worry about inventory and product replacements. In addition, this model allows you to sell a wide variety of things.

2# There is no inventory

In a physical store, keeping inventory is a difficult and quite expensive task. When a product is not sold, you usually have to lower its price and even lose some money doing it to get rid of it. With this model, this problem does not exist.

3# Simplicity

As the owner of a store that works with this model, you can focus exclusively on serving your business and improving the quality of customer service. There will be no need to pack the products or waste time organizing the inventory. Sites like Amazon or eBay allow you to avoid the costs of having your own website, so you can start earning money quickly with this form.

4# Legality

This model is a completely legal agreement between a supplier and a seller. While it may seem unusual, it is most likely that you have ever bought from an online store that works this way without even realizing it, as many Amazon and eBay sellers work using it.

Find suppliers

As we told you before, trust is the most important part of this entire business model. That is why it is important that you find a trustworthy supplier that you can trust and know that you deliver your products in a timely manner.

Remember that you can work with any provider you want. In fact, many times it is best to work with several at the same time in case something does not work with one.

How much can you earn?

Earn Money Selling Products Directly From Suppliers

The amount of money you can earn with this model can vary quite a lot. At first, you will most likely earn between € 200 and € 500, but over time you could earn monthly salaries of five or six figures.

The way you run your business, the quality of customer service and how attractive the products you sell are the most important factors when making money and making your business succeed.

Selling products directly from their suppliers is a very good way to earn money online and it is highly recommended if you want to have extra income in the long term. Compared to many other methods that we present on our site, this requires more time and effort. However, once you have started and have some customers, selling products directly from your suppliers is an excellent method to earn money.

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