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Disney Plus Review – is It the Best Option to Watch Series and Movies in Streaming?


It is becoming more and more common for most users around the world to search for online platforms that allow them to watch series and movies in streaming, as there are currently very good titles in these categories. This is how Disney Plus has not wanted to be left behind and already has its own streaming platform.

Disney Plus was launched at the end of 2019 in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands and until very recently it was released in France and is now available for Spain. This is how this platform has already officially entered the competition with other portals such as Amazon, HBO, and Netflix.

With platforms as popular and widely supported as those mentioned above, could it be worth switching to Disney Plus? That is why here I will explain a little more about and new portal site to be yourself decide whether it is worthwhile or not use it.

Disney Anatomy + How does this platform work?

Disney Plus Review - is It the Best Option to Watch Series and Movies in Streaming?

As for the operation of this new streaming portal, it is very similar to that of its competition, so users can use it in the same way. To make use of it they simply have to enter their website and create an account, here you must associate your card from where the service payments will be made and you can automatically start enjoying their services.

Concerning its official app, it also works the same as that of its other competitors. As it is a new service, it has only one type of user, which means that all of them will receive the same type of service and packages are not included. In this case, anyone who purchases their services will be able to enjoy all the premieres and any titles that the portal has available.

Prices and fees

One of the most important factors to take into account is the price of its rates, at this point Disney Plus will cost 6.99 euros per month, where it is currently offering a 12-month offer for just 69.99 euros, allowing you to save so 13.89 euros a year. Also, they will offer you 7 free days for your subscription. Therefore, regarding its price, it is much more accessible than other services.


Another of the most important factors when contracting these types of services is the catalog it offers since the success of the platform will depend on this or not. In the case of this portal, you will have the opportunity to find all the programs, series, documentaries, and movies produced by Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic. It is also important to remember that Disney is one of the owners of the Fox network, so it will also feature Fox movies, as well as the Simpsons series.

As if that were not enough, it will also offer you a large number of original series, both already released and the most recent, all with the aim that you can find fairly complete programming that helps you enjoy its services 100%.

Quality of content

Regarding the quality of the content offered on the portal, it must be said that so far it has been exceptional in all the devices that have been tested. And it is that Disney Plus will carry streaming in 4K with Vision or HDR10 and Dolby Atmos. Where the quality in modern movies and series has been proven to be surprising.

Therefore, in this sense, it can be said that it has nothing to envy to platforms such as Amazon and Netflix. Where it does not matter what type of device you are using it as the quality will be the same for everyone. Whether you use it on your Android mobile, iPhone, Android TV, PS4, Xbox One, or Chromecast. In all of them, you will have the opportunity to get a truly amazing experience.

Streaming speed

Finally, it is important to mention what is the streaming speed of Disney Plus, it has been recently launched in Europe despite all the problems currently experienced by the Coronavirus pandemic, which is why they have launched it with a reduced speed of at least 25%, this with the aim of not overloading Internet traffic during this period that is being experienced worldwide.

Although you should also bear in mind that this will depend on other factors such as the quality and speed of your Broadband, as well as the type of speed you have contracted with your Internet service.

List of the best exclusive series and movies that you can only watch on Disney +

Taking into account that programming is the most important point in this type of service since it will depend on how satisfactory the experience is or not, here we are going to show you which are the best exclusive series and movies that you will only be able to see on this platform.

To do this, follow the list that we will show you below:

The Mandalorian

Disney Plus Review - is It the Best Option to Watch Series and Movies in Streaming?

We begin this list with the series The Mandalorian, which has become one of the most exclusive titles on this new streaming portal. It will be released weekly and so far only two episodes have been broadcast, although in other countries such as the United States and Canada it has already ended.

This is how The Mandalorian is a story of a bounty hunter, where you will have the ability to constantly surprise the viewer. Therefore, it is a series full of adventures where each of its episodes will last 40 minutes, which are very well-posed with excellent scripts and staging.

The Clone Wars last season

Disney Plus Review - is It the Best Option to Watch Series and Movies in Streaming?

For all those Star Wars fans, they will not only be able to count on The Mandalorian, but they will also be able to enjoy the last season of The Clone Wars, which already celebrates six seasons filling your moments of cartoons where characters such as Palpatine will be found. , Anakin, and Skywalker.

This final season will have 121 episodes with a duration of approximately twenty-three minutes, where all its viewers will be able to feel closer to the home of the Star Wars universe. They can also find the previous two seasons if they have not seen it yet.

Total disaster

Total Disaster specifically deals with the adventure of a little detective named Timmy Failure, who will live a lot of history in the company of his unexpected companion who will be a polar bear.

An adventure that will be full of suspense where Timmy Failure will become a spy who will have to discover many mafias to become the mini hero that everyone expects. In this way, Total Disaster has become one of the exclusive movies released by Disney Plus.

High School Musical: The Musical – The Series

Disney Plus Review - is It the Best Option to Watch Series and Movies in Streaming?

This series was released for the first time in 2006, where the film managed to become a worldwide success, especially in the United States. This is how 15 years later his followers will be able to count on a series inspired by the same saga presented in 2006.

This is how all those users who already have the Disney Plus service can start enjoying it. Here there will appear many stories of love, heartbreak, rivalries, a lot of dance that cannot be missed, choreography, among many others. All this so that you can have a fun time while enjoying the programming.

Disney Plus Pros and Cons + Is the service worth hiring?

Like any online platform, Disney Plus also has several advantages and disadvantages for its users, so here we are going to show you what are the Pros and Cons that you can get when contracting this service. This will let you know if it is really worth hiring or not, taking into account that there are many other alternatives available on the market.


  • It has a very attractive catalog, where you will get programming for both the smallest of the house and to enjoy with the family.
  • Being the Disney brand, here they are going to get all the programming related to Marvel and Star Wars, so they will already assure you very good quality content, as well as high-level series and movies.
  • Disney Plus applications already have many functionalities.
  • It allows you to use four screens simultaneously.
  • You can create up to seven different profiles with a single account.
  • It allows you to view content offline.
  • It has a very low subscription cost.
  • Compatible with almost all the devices available on the market.


  • So far its original content is much less than that offered by platforms such as HBO or Netflix.
  • So far there are no possibilities to add Disney Plus to your telecom contract, although this may be enabled through other platforms.
  • Not being able to add a telecommunications operator, this service will become an extra expense.

Disney Plus vs Netflix vs HBO – What is the best platform of the moment?

Disney Plus Review - is It the Best Option to Watch Series and Movies in Streaming?
Disney Plus vs Netflix vs HBO

Today there are different streaming platforms on the market, many of them are very popular and this thanks to the fact that they offer a large number of very advanced functions that allow their users to experience very good service.

Taking into account these three platforms available, here we will make a small comparison between them so that you can know which of these three is the best currently, and if you do not have any of them hired, know which one to choose or simply so that change to the best if you don’t have it yet. That is why below we show you the main differences between these three platforms.


HBO has not managed to position itself currently at the Netflix level, however, it becomes a very good alternative if you want to focus on the quality of its original productions. This is because HBO continues to focus on its own productions which it is presenting every week, thus slowing down the pace of work.

Disney Plus

As we have mentioned, this platform is barely joining the streaming competition in the market, although it has arrived with great force and this thanks to all the programming catalog that it offers, where not only the little ones of the house will be able to enjoy great titles, there are also for the greatest.

Also, Disney has many franchises such as Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic, so you can already imagine the quality of content that you will find in it.


And finally, the most popular of all and market leader for many years. This platform has managed to stand out during all this time thanks to the fact that it offers a large number of high-level own productions that have managed to attract the attention of the public. It also has a large number of series and movies of the moment, making more and more users who want to have their service.

Knowing a little about each of them, below, we present a comparative table that will help you know which of the three is the best for you to hire at home and you can receive a unique service and of very good quality.

DetailsNetflixHBODisney +
Simultaneous displaysBasic: 1
standard screen : 2
Premium screens : 4 screens
2 screens4 screens simultaneously
Maximum devicesUnlimited registration, limited downloads to the contracted plan510
Plans to chooseBasic: 7.99 euros.
Standard: 11.99 euros.
Premium: 15.99 euros.
One: 8.99 euros a month.One: 6.99 euros a month and 69.99 euros a year.
Free trialDoes not haveTwo weeksOne week
Number of profiles5one7
Content RatingsYesNoNo
Download the contentYesYesYes
Reviews of Google Play4.52.54.4
Highest reproduction quality4K HDR1080p4K HDR
CatalogsMore than 2,300 moviesMore than 720 moviesMore than 720 movies

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and I’m sure it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you!

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