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How to Create a Good Logo Design for Your Company or Enterprise


A logo may seem like an easy task, another step to start your business. But, create a good logo design is much more than just beautiful letters and figures. It is an important part of the visual identity of a company. Because the first impression is important and can affect the perception that a customer has towards a brand. Do you want to know the secrets to create a good logo design for your company? Keep reading!

There are many ways to create a good logo design and many tools to do it yourself as Oberlo. But in reality, if you want a professional and in-depth result, it is best to hire an expert to help you translate your ideas and concepts, and together create the logo that fits perfectly with your company. Remember that a professional in the sector has enough experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Some tips to create a good logo design will be reviewed:

Differentiate between your competitors

Your logo will help you distinguish your brand from its competitors, so it must stand out from the rest. You can be inspired by looking at other brands logos, but avoid imitation and think creatively. Also, remember that it is not necessary to be obvious, try to be creative!

Study and understand your brand

Take into account that your logo must reach your customers, so it must fit in your niche. It is vital to remain true to the identity of your brand. Be sure to look at the latest trends in graphic design, but remember that it is more important to remain true to the global personality of your brand. Give your logo meaning and purpose no matter how simple it is.

The parts of a logo

A logo consists mainly of two different parts, the image and the name of the company. Although many times the same name is part of the logo, on many other occasions it is not. And even the name must be accompanied by an image creating visual harmony and reflecting the company’s brand completely.

If you wonder, what typology to use? There is no loss if you avoid strange and difficult to read sources. And if you don’t like any typeface, decide on the simplest ones, like Helvetica or Avenir. They never fail and are very good.

The importance of color

Think about all aspects of the image when making your logo. Take into account that all colors have their sense of being and have meaning. So the color of the logo will say a lot for itself, adding differences to the message you want to give as a company.

Do you know what each color means? Be sure to convey what you are looking for. The red color transmits energy, boldness, and passion. The yellow clarity, optimism, and reminiscent of sun-related products. The white color transmits simplicity and cleanliness, while black transmits elegance, power, and credibility.

On the other hand, purple conveys spirituality, wisdom and evocative. The brown or green or brown color reflect history, nature, and growth. Orange is a young and creative color, which reflects youth. Pink reflects femininity and fun, and finally, the color blue reflects professionalism, serenity, and tranquility. Which one does your company identify with the most?

Find the balance

Finding harmony easily in the logo for your company is essential. The easier it is to understand, the easier it will stay in people’s mind. Remember that we are currently looking for everything easy to understand and friendly with technologies. So also remember that your logo should be able to easily adapt to any format and device.

Try to adapt easily to both websites and social networks, so that everything is easy to run in the future. Or perhaps having shortened and simplified versions for these cases would be the best option.

Time to time

Success depends on the product and the market in which it is located, not on the logo that is designed. So it is not necessary to eat your head and delay the progress of your company for not having the perfect logo. So it’s time to do it!

Even many times the logo changes over the years and results. So you do not have to become troubled or be able to leave it if we see that it does not work or to change it radically from one day to another without having given enough time to try.

Creating a good logo design indeed takes time and effort, especially when you don’t have very clear guidelines for designing it. So take a deep breath and get to work. Write on a paper all the words that relate to your company and let your imagination fly. Once you have everything written to give it to an expert to execute it in the best way.

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