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Characteristics of a Youtuber: Get your YouTube badge


Do you want to become a YouTuber and do not know how to achieve it? Maybe it seems very simple, stand in front of the camera and talk about a specific topic. But is it as easy as it sounds? In this article, we will tell you what are the characteristics of a YouTuber that will lead you to be successful and also win your first YouTube plaque.

What is a YouTuber?

A YouTuber is a communicator and creator of audiovisual content, who shares videos of interest to the public to whom he is directed on the YouTube platform, to increase his community.

Being a YouTuber is a new movement that has become more and more relevant in recent years because they end up becoming highly influential characters for the audience they are targeting. That is the main reason for their success, brands see them as great points of influence for their audience, taking into account that the Internet has surpassed the traditional media.

Today, there are YouTubers in many categories, but the most popular are makeup, video games, hacks, tutorials, technology, fashion, gastronomy, travel, among others.

How to be a YouTuber?

This is one of the questions that are most often asked on the Internet, moreover, in the preparation of this article, we found many questions regarding the subject. Because of course, who doesn’t want to be famous and earn money, right?

But we regret to break their hearts, since being a YouTuber and being successful is not as easy as perhaps many believe. This new movement requires a lot of effort, work, and dedication. To learn more, learn how to create a YouTube channel in 2021.

Tips to be a successful YouTuber

Here are some tips that you can carry out to be a successful YouTuber.

Be consistent

This is one of the fundamental keys to be successful on YouTube because success is inconstancy. Famous YouTubers recommend uploading one or two videos a week.

Your subscribers like to hear from you and see recurring content. So without a doubt, it is a great hook. Since, if you are not constant, maybe you can have the best teams, the best content, and all the creativity, but you will not have as many subscribers and all that will be in vain. You have to take this tip into account if you want to monetize your videos. How long should I be consistent? At least the first year after creating your channel.

Promote your social networks

This point is very important, since promoting your channel through your social networks is an excellent option to guarantee that you generate different communities and become better known. Remember that the public of each social network is different, so that way you could guarantee greater exposure.

Look to find options to order your Instagram feed and try to always be up to date with new trends. In the case of TikTok, share more of your type of content on this network. For example, if your YouTube channel talks about advertising hacks, share them in small videos on TikTok, make lives and try to create a new community through this medium. Now that Instagram has the option of reels you can try the same.

Important: Generate different content for each social network. Do not copy and paste the same content.

Focus on one type of content

At this point, you must consider the things that you like or want to share. For example, makeup, fashion, video games, cinema, travel, gastronomy, etc. Focus on only one type of content and speak to that audience. Now, if what you want is to create the content of several things, you must start by planning and dosing said content, to avoid users getting confused.

Make collaborations

You can look for the option of collaborating with a YouTuber who is at the same level or a little more, to support yourself and thus be able to expand your content to more public.

Be authentic

We all have different styles, different ways of being, dressing, speaking, etc. One of the best recommendations we can give you is to be authentic. Show who you are, what makes you happy, what you dislike, etc. Always be respectful, and we guarantee that your community will value your every point of view.

Take care of your appearance

You don’t know how many people will see your video, that is why we recommend that you always be presentable when recording your videos. That doesn’t require you to wear designer clothes or anything like that, just be ready as if you were to meet any of your followers. Trust us, the details make the difference!

Be professional

And speaking of details … Focus on them, when thinking about new content. For example, from the background that you will use to record, the editing, the thumbnails, the music you use, etc. This will ensure that your stamp is displayed on each of your videos.

Make a guide of what you are going to say

Before each video, prepare a guide so that you do not get lost when recording, do not focus on saying it as it is, but a script is important so that everything comes out orderly, and above all, it is easier when editing your videos.

Attention to YouTube trends

New trends emerge every day that makes videos with this content position themselves in frequent YouTube searches. That is why it is very fashionable to make videos to join. Many times it works, as long as we make one that best suits your type of content. Do not force yourself to do something that may not work with your audience, since only your intention will be seen to join without having a strategy behind it.

Research more and more about YouTube

There are countless video tutorials on YouTube, which teach you to use all the tools that exist to create your content. Like, for example, which apps to use to edit your videos, design your thumbnails, download effects, music without copyright, etc. However, we recommend using Youtube Creator Academy, which is a platform created by YouTube for all content creators who want to learn much more about this social network. They will find everything! Try it is the best! And the best thing is that it is free.

Always reply to comments

This is a great option where you can interact and feel closer and closer to your community. That is why we recommend that you allocate time a day to do so. Plan and always listen to the recommendations that your subscribers give you.

Did you know that YouTube rewards you just for having subscribers?

So is! In some cases (especially those that have hundreds of thousands of followers), YouTube pays them for advertising that they insert in their videos, but apart from that detail they also send them the famous and well-acclaimed “buttons” or “YouTube plates” Did you know them?

Next, we tell you some details about these buttons and, of course, some tips so that you can get yours if you have a YouTube channel.

What are Youtube buttons or plates?

They are this kind of trophy that all YouTubers want to obtain. Remember that there are many elements that YouTube evaluates to measure the success of a channel: hours of total viewing of videos, number of subscribers, audience retention, monetization, among others.

But YouTube only needs you to comply with one of the aforementioned options, to be able to grant its famous Diamond, Gold, and Silver Buttons, etc. Do you know what it is? Youtube only evaluates the number of subscribers a channel has on its platform.

A YouTube channel gets the Silver Button when it reaches one hundred thousand subscribers; the Gold Button to one million subscribers, and, finally, the Diamond Button is reserved for channels with more than ten million subscribers.

There is also the Ruby Button, although at the moment only one YouTuber has achieved it: PewDiePie. For YouTube to award this award, a channel needs neither more nor less than 50 million subscribers. In addition to the button, the owner of the channel receives ten small trophies to distribute among his best subscribers.

The silver and gold awards consist of a plaque that measures the equivalent of 30 x 21 cm. approximately and a large box with the name of the channel printed on it. Although they appear, they are neither silver nor gold, they are only plated. The Diamond Button is a glass figure with the YouTube logo.

The award can be requested from the Creator Studio page from where YouTubers manage their content. The same platform notifies users when they reach the number of subscribers necessary for them to demand their prize.

What characteristics should a successful YouTuber have?

The success of being a YouTuber does not start only when you get a “Youtube button or badge”, and it is not only about the number of subscribers you currently have, or the number of views, etc. The success of being a YouTuber is in the characteristics that you have to be able to fulfill your objectives.

Below, we have selected some characteristics that YouTubers should apply to be successful. Even if you are just thinking of creating a YouTube channel.

Take out a pencil and paper and start marking …


Let your imagination fly to create content and reinvent yourself every day. We recommend you watch other channels in the same field that may inspire you to innovate. Be careful, it is important that you be original, remember that your essence is your best seal.


Don’t let your fears win you over, or give up because of the possibility of failure. Try again and again until you succeed, believe in yourself!


Be true to yourself, transparent, authentic, and always communicate with the truth, you will see that nothing bad happens when you are real.


Seeing things from a more positive perspective is always a good option. Don’t lose your optimism to make your content, keep insisting and be constant.


You have to love what you do, you have to like what you do because if you don’t, it will make a difference. Do things with your heart and that will be the best key to success.


Develop the ability to face adverse situations in daily life, which can motivate us to succeed in any negative situation.


Lack of patience can be your worst enemy if, in this case, you expect results in a short time. Remember that nothing better than being patient and keep working hard.

We hope you liked this article, and if it is within your plans to be a Youtuber and create content, we hope you can take these little tips into account.

Good luck!

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