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The Best SEO Tools: the Top for Mastering all SERPs


Continuing to grow and increase the benefits of our websites is something that we all seek, so finding the best SEO tools is a fundamental job for anyone who wants to improve the web positioning of their page.

However, there is a large number of free and paid SEO tools on the market, it is often very difficult to find the right one.

That is why in this article I bring you a collection of the best SEO tools so that from a single article you can choose the best SEO tool that best suits what you need.

Of course, I am not going to recommend something that does not seem good enough to me to be in this list or that I have not tried, so if you have any questions about any tool that is not here, stop by the comments and I will try to help you.

The Best SEO Tools: the Top for Mastering all SERPs

This article goes further since you will not only find SEO tools for keyword research but many of the tools that you will find here will do much more. And best of all, although some are paid, they have a free version with limitations that will serve to test them before deciding to pay for any.

1# SEO Tool Suites


Semrush is one of the best known and used SEO tools by both SEO agencies and individuals who want to improve their website.

Personally, it is one of the ones I use the most (when I started the blog, I kept using it in its free version, despite the limitations it has).

You can use Semrush for free without any limitation for 7 days by registering.

And you will ask yourself: « What can I do with this SEO tool?»

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool (also known as SEO Suite).

You can practically do everything: search for keywords, see the backlinks of a website, see the keywords by which a website or URL positions, discover niches, analyze your main organic competitors, do an SEO audit of your website and improve SEO on-page, monitoring the position of keywords, etc.

From my experience, where you will most benefit from Semrush is in:

  • Search for keywords for your texts.
  • See the evolution of your website in terms of increases and decreases in positions in Google and its organic traffic.
  • Study the competition to overcome it in Google and even to discover keywords that you do not use.
  • Analyze the SEM strategy (positioning by payment through search engine ads, for example, Google Adwords) of your competitors. It is one of the best SEO and SEM tools.

Therefore, if what you are looking for is to use a single SEO tool but that has everything, with Semrush you will not be wrong.


Ahrefs is the favorite SEO tool for many professionals in web positioning and online marketing.

It is practically in all the tops of paid SEO tools and it is not surprising because, although it was started as an SEO tool focused on the analysis of both own and competitive links, it has now evolved to all in one most demanded SEO tool.

Ahrefs offers tools such as a keyword explorer, alerts about mentions, new keywords, and links, SEO auditing, analyzing URLs and websites both its own and those of the competition and a long etcetera.

In my opinion, Semrush and Ahrefs are the two best all-in-one SEO tools you can find. Although they are quite similar, each one has its pros and cons.

For example, Semrush seems better to me to find keywords but Ahrefs seems better to me when it comes to seeing and analyzing the backlinks of a website.

The strengths of Ahrefs are:

  • Rank Tracker: monitor the position changes of your website for the keywords you choose.
  • Site Explorer: analyze in great detail any website you are looking for with metrics such as organic traffic, number of keywords, the link profile, the domains that link you, anchor texts, competitor analysis …
  • The keyword explorer
  • The analysis of backlinks is much more complete.


Serpstat is an online SEO tool that goes unnoticed (for now) since it is beginning to enter the market.

Although it cannot be considered 100% as one of the free SEO tools, you can use it for free, although it is limited.

The truth is that it is an SEO tool that I discovered recently but that has impressed me a lot for the amount of information it provides.

From my point of view, it has nothing to envy to the great competitors; It has the main sections that cannot be missing in an all-in-one SEO tool:

  • Url and domains analysis (both own and the competition).
  • Keyword Research: keyword search engine.
  • Links analysis.
  • SEO audit of your website.
  • Rank tracker: to monitor your position increases and decreases in Google for different keywords.
  • Section to improve your SEM strategy.

However, it has a point in its favor that I cannot leave unnoticed: its price.

Unlike the most used SEO tools where you won’t find anything for less than $ 99 a month, Serpstat is the cheapest SEO tool. Their cheapest plan costs $ 19 a month or $ 15.20 a month if you sign up for a full year.

Without a doubt, I think it is the greatest incentive to use a platform that has nothing to envy the best SEO tools and above for much less money.


Xovi is an SEO and Social tool that aspires to compete with the big companies in the sector such as Semrush or Ahrefs.

Enjoy the 14-day free trial offered by Xovi so that you can try it and thus opt for one of the best SEO tools that I recommend.

Unlike its competitors, Xovi goes further and is the only platform that in addition to analyzing all-in-one SEO like other platforms (analysis and search for keywords, backlinks, competitors, etc.) allows you to analyze your social networks.

Xovi does not have any strengths compared to other platforms but it doesn’t have any negative points.

It is one of the most intuitive and easy to use SEO tools. In addition, the issue of being able to analyze social networks is a plus that no other tool gives you.


Mangools is a platform that has 5 SEO tools:

  • KWFinder: keyword finder.
  • SERP checker: Analyze the SERPs for a keyword with metrics like DA, PA, TF, number of links it receives, etc.
  • SERPwatcher: to monitor your positions in Google for specific keywords.
  • LinkMiner: to analyze and find backlinks.
  • SiteProfiler: Analyze a complete domain or URL (general metrics, links, traffic, most relevant and linked content, main competitors, etc).

Except for SERPwatcher, the rest are free SEO tools (although limited unless you pay for them).

However, if you are looking for cheap SEO tools but with good quality, Mangools is undoubtedly the winning option.

Little is said about this SEO suite but its simplicity, its prices, and especially its quality, make more and more SEO experts work with Mangools.

And I emphasize so much the quality that it has because it is the most reliable online SEO tool in terms of the metrics it offers in the different sections. Regarding quality-price, it seems to be the best option to improve web positioning.


MajesticSEO has always been considered the leading SEO tool when it comes to analyzing backlinks.

Although it is true that in the rest of the sections it does not stand out especially, it cannot be denied that the study of links in this SEO tool is the best.

Also, being cheaper than other SEO Suites (between € 40 and € 46), it makes many professionals hire MajesticSEO for its power to analyze links; or even opt for using it in combination with other SEO tools to cover all sides.


Although I haven’t personally tested SEOProfiler, I know very well that it’s a great tool.

If you move in the SEO world or are in a group where these topics are discussed, it will be rare that SEOProfiler is not among the favorite SEO tools of many professionals.

Of course, with this tool you have covered all the essential sections: finding keywords, studying links, improving link building, analyzing the competition, monitoring keywords, etc.

2# SEO Tools to Modify the CTR

The SEO tools, in this section, are special since they will not improve the SEO on-page of your website. You could say that their function is something more than SEO blackhat since they are used to increase the CTR (click-through rate that they do in your Google results).

In this way, Google will see that if your search result has more clicks than one that is better positioned, it will be because yours is more useful to the user, and in return, Google will update positions.


This newly created platform is not a common SEO tool.

With Serptrade, you will not be able to search for keywords, see the links of your website or the position of your project in Google. However, it is the best free SEO tool to give your SERPs an extra push and improve positions.

Using this free SEO tool is very easy. It based on the points system that users earn while searching for Google and clicking on search results for other Serptrade users.

Best of all, this “guidance” of the CTR is done in a completely natural way, since it is real users who search their browser for the keyword you choose and click on your result in the SERPs.

Once registered on the platform you will only have to do two things: earn points (as I explained in the previous paragraph) and put the URL of your project and the keyword that you want to position so that other users search for it and improve the CTR (spending thus the points obtained).

It is a free SEO tool but of course, you can increase performance by buying points instead of earning them little by little.


SEOBOX is the only physical format SEO tool that exists.

It is a little device that you install in your home or office to automatically do certain tasks.

Although SEObox is now more of a suite of SEO tools, it started with its CTRbox module which is the one that manages the CTR of your search results just like Serptrade (the previous tool) does; only that SEObox does it automatically.

It also has other modules such as a keyword tracker to see how your position changes for certain keywords (rank box) or a tool for local SEO (GEO box).

3# Technical SEO Tools

Screaming Frog

Unlike the other SEO tools that I recommend in this article, Screaming Frog is software that you must install on your PC to use it.

Another difference from the rest is that Screaming Frog is very focused on the technical SEO of your website. That is, with this SEO tool, you will not find keywords or show metrics on the quality of the links (to give an example), but it will help you optimize SEO on-page from the more technical part.

It is the best tool for technical SEO. And I’m not saying it, but it is recognized by many SEO experts as the best in its field.

I do not earn a single penny for recommending this SEO tool but it is a tool that I use a lot and, despite not being very natural, it seems to be the best in terms of technical SEO.

It costs £ 149.00 a year but you can use this free SEO tool with limitations (scan up to 500 URL in the free version).

This program does an in-depth SEO audit of your website where you can get any type of information you can think of (broken links, images, internal and external links, titles, h1, h2, loading times, and a long etcetera).

4# Other free SEO tools

Throughout the article, I have been putting what I think are the best SEO tools.

However, there are many other tools that are very good and that I cannot miss in this article, so below is a list of other free SEO tools (and a paid one) that you can use in their different specialties.

Free SEO tools to find keywords

There are many SEO tools to find keywords.

Here are three extra free tools :


Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool to search for continuously improving keywords.

Although most of the SEO tools that I have already improved have this function, with Ubersuggest you have the advantage that it is absolutely free.

Furthermore, its interface is very simple and intuitive. You will only have to put the keyword in the search engine and the platform will throw you various sections of information such as:

  • Metrics of the searched keyword (search volume, the difficulty of positioning it, payment difficulty, and CPC).
  • Keyword Ideas: A huge list (that you can filter) with different related keywords and their metrics so you can enrich your text with more keywords.
  • SERP Analysis: a study of the first positions in Google for the searched keyword.

Seo Hero

SeoHero is a completely free SEO tool. But it is a somewhat slow tool and not very visually pleasing but it is certainly an SEO tool to find keywords very, very complete.


Technically Kiwosan is a paid SEO tool but if I include it in this section it is because it offers a free month. So if after that month you are not satisfied, you cancel it and at least you will have a free month to find keywords.

The good thing about this keyword SEO tool is that it has an excellent value for money (check the prices on their website and fantasize).

And being a new platform, it is constantly improving. In fact, in a short time, they will include these SEO tools:

  • Keyword brainstorming
  • SEO analysis of a website
  • SERP Analysis

SEO Tool to Optimize your Texts


Seolyze is a very particular SEO tool but without a doubt the best in its specialty.

It is a paid SEO tool designed to write (or modify) the best possible text to come out on top in Google.

This tool analyzes the texts of the first 10 positions of Google and shows you what words they have in common and how many times for you to adapt your text by adding the keywords in the exact proportion to go up positions.


Moz is the company that issued the terms of PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) and, as it could not be otherwise, it also has its own SEO tools.

Although you can hire their payment platform (even try it for free for 30 days, be careful with this, after 30 days they start to charge you), in this case, what I recommend are the free SEO tools they have here:

  • The famous Mozbar: tells you the PA and DA of any page you visit.
  • Keyword explorer – a simple keyword explorer. It leaves a lot to be desired compared to other free or paid SEO tools.
  • Link explorer: Previously known as Open Site Explorer. Quite useful to analyze the links of a domain or URL for free.

And so far the article with the best free and paid SEO tools. I hope this list is useful for you when choosing the most suitable SEO tool for your needs.

Of course, if you have any questions or want to know my opinion about an SEO tool not included in the article, go to the comments and I will be happy to answer you.

We read each other!

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