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Android Bootloader: What It Is, What It Is for, and How to Unlock It?


The Android bootloader is the boot loader of the Operating System, an essential element for the operation of any mobile device. This part of the software is the first thing that is executed when the mobile is turned on and is responsible for carrying out a series of processes to initialize it. In this guide, you will learn much more about how Android Bootloader works, the process to follow to unblock it, and what would be useful to carry out this procedure.

The Android bootloader plays an important role in the security of mobile devices and their operation. Therefore, it is common for more advanced Android users or those who want to explore or customize their System in-depth, want to unlock it. In this sense, it is extremely important to learn what the benefits of this action can be and what precautions the user should consider before doing so.

How does Android Bootloader work

As mentioned, the bootloader runs when the device is turned on. The first thing it does is perform a health check so that it can start correctly. Once it has been verified that everything is in order, it will provide the information and instructions that are required for the startup or initialization of the device.

To explain in detail how the bootloader works, the internal and external processes that occur at the time it is executed will be explained:

  • First, the user turns on the mobile phone or tablet using the power button. When that happens, only the bootloader starts.
  • The component will carry out various tests to ensure the correct operation of the System. One of the most important tasks you perform in this process is to verify the integrity of the boot and recovery partitions.
  • If everything is in order, the bootloader executes the kernel. This is a kind of bridge that connects the information emitted by the Operating System with the drivers of everything related to the hardware of the device for its execution, which would allow starting the device.

Knowing the second and third stages of the aforementioned process, it is easy to understand that, when an inconvenience occurs, it is not possible to start the mobile. These same processes (or rather, the errors in these) are those that intervene when the phone does not launch after the home screen, which is also the responsibility of the bootloader.

Why is Android Bootloader blocked?

The Android bootloader is developed by the device manufacturer and is generally locked by default. In this way, the user will not be able to modify the Operating System and only partitions with the digital signature of the manufacturer or the corresponding operator will be integrated.

This is a way in which the data and base codes are protected from being manipulated, so the device will not be able to boot with another Operating System or with unauthorized modifications. The mobile device manufacturer offers security and ensures that the equipment works according to the established design.

On the other hand, some manufacturers allow the unlocking of this add-on, although it is necessary to have slightly advanced knowledge for this. This is a common feature of those who use Android and want to install ROMs or modified versions of the OS. However, the guarantee of the optimal functioning of the mobile is lost.

What is the use of unlocking it?

As indicated above, the bootloader prevents modifications to the Operating System from being executed to offer control to the manufacturer. However, in some cases, it is possible to unlock the bootloader with a few simple steps. By doing this, users will be able to make any modifications they want in the terminal.

One of the most common reasons why a user may want to unlock the Android bootloader and modify the OS is to install ROMs. There is a whole world of possibilities for Android when it comes to these modified softwares, developed by independent programmers.

Among the most sought benefits through the installation of ROMs, is the update of the version of the Operating System. Likewise, you will be able to find different advantages such as the customization of the menu and the options that you can explore on your mobile device.

How to unlock it

Android Bootloader What It Is, What It Is for, and How to Unlock It

The procedure to follow to unlock the Android bootloader is simple, in cases where the manufacturers allow it. In this sense, it is important to mention Google, on whose computers the bootloader can be unlocked by following the steps indicated on the official Android developer site and Huawei, a brand that has restricted this procedure.

Thus, although it may vary depending on factors such as the brand and model, the basic process to follow to unlock the bootloader in most Android Smartphones is as follows:

  • First of all, it will be necessary to activate the developer options. To do this, go to the following location: ” Settings “> ” Device information “. In this section, you must press the ” Build number ” several times until a message appears indicating that the developer options have been unlocked.
  • If you have already enabled the developer menu, you can skip step 1 and go to this section located in ” Settings “.
  • Look for the ” OEM Unlocking ” and ” USB Debugging ” options. Once located, tap them to enable them.
  • With these functions unlocked, proceed to connect the device to the PC using the USB cable.
  • Next, you should open an ADB command window. This is included in the Android SDK tools, which can be downloaded through the official developer site.
  • To verify that the drivers have been installed correctly and that the device is detected, you must enter the command ” ADB devices “. If it has been installed correctly you will see that its identifier appears.
  • Finally, to unlock the bootloader, the commands ” ADB reboot bootloader ” and ” fastboot OEM unlock ” must be executed.

After performing these steps you will have unlocked the bootloader. Now, you can root the device, update the software, and much more, without the intervention of this part of the Operating System.

Additional considerations

First of all, it is necessary to consider that by modifying the Android bootloader, the software warranty may be lost. Even if it is closed again, this action may be registered in the terminal. In this way, companies safeguard the security of the software and may be aware of these kinds of changes and refuse to provide the guarantee.

Likewise, it is important to consider that when unlocking the startup manager, significant changes are made to the information contained in this add-on. For this reason, the mobile device will undergo a complete format immediately.

In short, this is not a good option for users who prefer to use the original software so as not to take risks or may consider the loss of data on the device as a nuisance. However, it is an excellent alternative for those who want to customize a secondary device or that is no longer of great use because it is an outdated model.

“Bootloader” is a well-known term among developers and root users, so those who aspire to have a more advanced level of knowledge should learn all the basic concepts and procedures presented in this guide. If one day you want to customize your device from the OS, this text can be very useful for you.

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