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Alternatives to YouTube – The Best YouTube-like video platforms


There is no doubt that YouTube is a video platform that dominates the Internet. In fact, according to data from the company itself, a third of people who surf the web end up using its services to watch or upload videos. So much is its fame that it has become the second most visited site on the planet, only after Google.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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‎YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
‎YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

But, if you are one of those who do not like the monopoly or follow the masses, you may have wondered if there are alternatives to YouTube and, if so, what are the best video platforms available?

Alternatives to YouTube – The Best YouTube-like video platforms

The change of rules without notice is a constant among the greats of the internet and YouTube could not be less. Whether as a consumer or as a content creator, on this video platform or other social networks, have you ever found that the rules of the game have changed with the game started and without asking the players. It is what it is and, if you don’t like it, the time has come to look for alternatives to YouTube that satisfy your needs and share more with your philosophy than the internet should be.

Let’s see what is available on the market.

DailyMotion – the page most similar to Youtube

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

If you are a creature of habit, Dailymotion will enchant you because of its similarity to YouTube. At least from the point of view of design, categories, and way of browsing. If you use this video platform only as a spectator, we assure you that you will be 100% satisfied.

The problem comes when uploading content since the HD format is reserved only for pro users. Also, the limit per video is 4GB, which means that you can upload videos of around 60 minutes, something that can be a nuisance for those who want to share longer content such as, for example, a class.

However, despite this limitation, Dailymotion is one of the best alternatives to YouTube available at the moment. And, although no one expects it to be able to catch up with its competitor (at least in terms of the number of users) it offers an interesting solution if you are looking for something similar to this massive video platform.

Bitchute – the most controversial YouTube alternative

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

One of the most recent alternatives to YouTube in the video streaming market is Bitchute, which is powered by the BitTorrent network. The main difference is in the way of storing content, which works using P2P or Peer to Peer technology. At the user level, you will not notice anything, but at the company level, it represents a significant decrease in the cost of storage servers.

Despite its young age, this video platform is one of the alternatives to YouTube that has been found in the eye of the hurricane the most times. There are many accusations it has received for its passivity when it comes to hosting videos with far-right content and that it “encourages hatred”

However, its creator, Ray Vahey, claims to have created an alternative to YouTube to avoid the increasing restriction that this and other large social networks have imposed in recent years. Many of those suspended from YouTube have found shelter and an audience on Bitchute.

Regardless of the nature of its content, something that everyone can freely judge, this platform works in a very similar way to other alternatives to YouTube. On the main page, it has a search engine and offers featured videos divided by categories. Also, like its most direct competitor, it allows the option of browsing as an anonymous or registered user. If you are looking for a page similar to Youtube, it is worth taking a look.

Vimeo – the alternative to Youtube for corporate content

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

From the list of alternatives to YouTube that we propose, some are so similar in concept and design that they seem clones, and others specialize and seek to cover a specific need. Such is the case with Vimeo.

This platform is more focused on professional video and is committed to high image quality. Their slogan is ‘made by creators for creators’. It has a Basic account, which allows you to watch videos and even upload some, as long as they do not exceed 500MB per week and 5GB in total.

If what you are looking for are alternatives to YouTube that allow you to upload high-quality videos and that your audience can see them without having to swallow annoying ads, Vimeo is for you. In addition to its free version, the company has 3 payment plans, which range from $20/ to $75 per month and offer different features.

Like other YouTube-like pages, Vimeo also offers creators the ability to monetize their videos. You can sell videos, subscriptions to your channel, or live events to generate income with your content.

Of the alternatives to YouTube, perhaps this is the one that offers the highest level of customization. From modifying the type of player to choosing who can see and/or comment on your videos, through other interesting options related to Advertising, Distribution, Hosting, and Management of your creations. A whole world of possibilities!

Metacafe – similar to Youtube but for short videos

If you are looking for an alternative to YouTube just to have a fun time watching or uploading short videos, you are in the right place.

With 40 million unique users and videos of a maximum duration of 90 seconds, this platform also has a similar appearance to YouTube in terms of design and division into categories.

Also, like other alternatives to YouTube, it allows content creators to make money, thanks to its payment system based on popularity. For every 1000 visits, the owner of the video will get $ 5. Of course, it starts to add up once the video has accumulated 20,000.

DTube – one of the alternatives to YouTube that pays in cryptocurrencies

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

At the base of this video, the platform is the use of blockchain and P2P technology, the latter already used by other alternatives to YouTube such as Bitchute. But, unlike this one, DTube also uses blockchain and cryptocurrency payments.

The main page is very similar to Youtube in design, but if you look closely you will see that below each video, instead of showing the number of visits, what appears is the amount earned by each of them depending on the level of interaction received. Or, what is the same, according to the number of ‘likes’.

DTube allows an interesting function, uploading videos from other social networks just by copying and pasting the link. Something very useful for those who use Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other alternatives to YouTube and want to have their content on various platforms.

As it is a decentralized platform, it does not have control over the content and this is done through the tastes of the users. That is why DTube is one of the alternatives to YouTube that violates the most on copyrights and in which more adult content can be viewed.

Vevo – the former alternative to YouTube for music videos

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

Back in 2008, three major music labels (EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music) joined forces to create one of the alternatives to YouTube specialized in music video clips. It was a way to promote the video work of its artists while trying to fight internet piracy.

At the time of its launch, this YouTube-like page focused on music lovers achieved unprecedented success (especially in the US).

But, everyone knows that success can be very temporary and, after months, people returned to their usual site, YouTube. In a strategy to survive, Vevo decided to join the enemy and associated with it, creating its channel.

So, to this day, this platform is no longer one of the alternatives to YouTube but a part of it. Something that explains why many of the music videos that appear on YouTube carry the Vevo watermark. And also the reason why we refer to it in our title as ‘EX alternative to YouTube’ instead of simply alternative to YouTube.

DIY Tube – one of the alternatives to Youtube for tutorials

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

If you thought that YouTube was full of tutorials, you were wrong. DIY Tube is one of the alternatives to YouTube specialized solely and exclusively in tutorial videos, or as its acronym in English (DIY or Do It Yourself) videos so that you can learn to do it yourself. What? Well, everything you can imagine, and more. Take a look, you will surely find something that interests you.

This YouTube-like page claims to offer maximum freedom to creators and not discriminate against anyone. Additionally, it encourages interaction between community members by offering rewards and payments via blockchain and cryptocurrency.

DIY Tube does not ask its creators for exclusivity, so if you dedicate yourself to making video content, you can publish it both on DIY Tube and other alternatives to YouTube. Also, it offers unlimited free cloud storage, something that not all video platforms can boast of.

This alternative to YouTube also guarantees that no channel will be deleted and no video deleted, something that, unfortunately, happens a lot on other sites. Thus, you have the assurance that you will never lose your job.

LiveLeak – the alternative to YouTube focused on citizen journalism

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

One of the most controversial alternatives to YouTube is LiveLeak. This video platform was created in 2006 and, although, in 2016, it announced a reduction in the number of controversial videos, some of its content is still about accidents and shootings, something that can be shocking and even unpleasant for most. But, as they say when it comes to defending themselves, “this is real life.”

The moment of maximum popularity of this alternative to Youtube came in 2007, with the unauthorized recording and broadcasting of the execution of Iraqi Saddam Hussein. This fact earned him mentions from the White House, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair. Of course, a good advertising campaign made the number of visitors grow exponentially.

Like the other alternatives to YouTube, LiveLeak is a website that allows users to post and share videos. But, at least that is what its creators continue to affirm, they do it in favor of freedom of information and citizen journalism.

Although the platform is similar to YouTube, its content focuses more on images of reality, politics, armed conflicts, and, in general, the ‘less pleasant side of life’. Its objective is to show what is not in the media and try to generate political debates.

Like other alternatives to YouTube, LiveLeak also has a section called ‘YourSay’ where users can upload their vlog videos, although its content is mostly related to the world of politics.

If you are interested in today, it is worth taking a look. Of course, be careful because you can find content that can hurt your sensitivity.

RoarTube – similar to YouTube but specialized in sports

As we have already seen, there are several alternatives to YouTube that focus on a specific topic. In this case, RoarTube is a video platform dedicated exclusively to sports lovers.

On this YouTube-like page, you can see all kinds of videos related to almost any sport. Thus, you will have at your disposal from news to documentaries, through interviews, highlights, and many other sections that will delight those whose passion is sports.

It doesn’t matter if you like football, basketball, boxing or even cricket. On this video page, you will always find something that is of interest to you.

However, from the list of alternatives to YouTube, this is one of the few that only allows you to consume videos. If you are a creator and you dedicate yourself to making videos, even if its theme is sports, we are very afraid that this site is not for you.

Alugha – the multilingual video platform

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

Almost all alternatives to YouTube have language barriers, despite the possibility that many of them offer to insert subtitles. Alugha is a German platform that has decided to try to end this problem.

This video platform does not offer to replace YouTube if it does not expand its possibilities. Alugha provides the necessary tools to make a video available in the language of the person viewing it, in real-time.

Of the alternatives to YouTube, this platform is one of the most focused on content creators, facilitating their task of creating videos in various languages. Thus, thanks to the workspace of the user area, transcription, translation, and dubbing become a simple process. Or, at least, much simpler than it usually is.

For this, Alugha has several plans that include various possibilities and rates. If you want to try it, the Beginner Plan is free and includes 180 minutes of storage and the possibility of having the audio in 2 languages. But, if you need it on a professional level, you can hire the Enterprise Plan and your video may be available in up to 20 languages.

At the video consumer level, Alugha works the same as the other alternatives to YouTube although it has less material.

The Open Video Project – the YouTube of those who need to work with video

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

It is another of the alternatives to YouTube that has been developed for a specific group, in this case, the academic world. More than to be viewed, these videos that do not have copyright, are uploaded to the platform.

Given that much of the research carried out today has to do with digital video, this platform wants to offer the necessary material to those who need it. In this way, they can test new algorithms, facial recognition programs, different interfaces, and other advances for an increasingly image-dominated world.

Although it is not one of the alternatives to YouTube to use, we have decided to include this platform in our list. Not only because, like YouTube, they only have video content, but because, also, it can serve those who need trial material without copyright.

Twitch – similar to Youtube but specialized in video games

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

If you are a video game lover, Twitch is one of the perfect Youtube alternatives for you. It is a streaming video platform, a subsidiary of Amazon, for those who spend hours playing computer games.

In recent years, Twitch has begun to expand its content and offer videos related to music, art, and even television series. Also, it offers a space for fans of a particular video creator to interact with him and have a conversation.

It is another of the alternatives to YouTube that allows video creators to make their products profitable. Thus, through micro-donations, channel subscriptions, sponsorship, or advertisements, some have managed to make their hobby a profitable way of life.

If you like the world of videogames, you should know that Twitch organizes every year, in the US, an event called TwitchCon that is quite famous and where you can enjoy workshops, conferences, and much more.

PeerTube – the decentralized YouTube alternative

Like the other YouTube alternatives, PeerTube is a video hosting and viewing platform. However, it has two important differences. The first is that it is created with open source or free software, and the second that it is based on the use of P2P technology (PeerToPeer).

In this way, instead of using huge servers with expensive prices that only large corporations can afford, this alternative to YouTube of French origin relies on file exchange that allows users to become video providers.

it is similar to other alternatives to YouTube in terms of operation, but its content offer is much smaller and the predominant language is French (not in vain is the language of its creators). In its favor, we will say that it has not been in the market that long (it was born in 2017) and that it can always continue to grow.

9GAG – the alternative to YouTube for fans of memes

Alternatives to YouTube - The Best YouTube-like video platforms

If yours are memes and funny videos, 9GAG may be one of the alternatives to YouTube to consider. Born in 2008 in Hong Kong, this blog-like page hosts prank videos (which is the translation of gags from English).

Like other alternatives to YouTube, 9GAG allows both viewing and uploading videos. But, while the first alternative can be done without being registered, for the second you will need to register an account. After this simple process, you can share your content with all users of the platform.

As in other pages similar to Youtube, other users will be able to vote for your videos and make them a success or a failure.


If you like audiovisual content, you are in luck. The Internet is an unlimited source of videos for all tastes and colors. We all know YouTube, and that is where we will find the greatest amount of content, but more quantity is not always synonymous with more quality. If you are looking for something different, likely, you have ever wondered what alternatives to YouTube are available in the market. In this article, we have discovered a few, but surely there are some more that we have overlooked.

You will have seen that there are alternatives to YouTube of different topics, alternatives to YouTube of free software and P2P, and even alternatives to YouTube focused on citizen journalism, such as LiveLeak

If you know of any alternative to YouTube that is not on our list, please leave it in the comments section. Thus, among all of us, we will enrich this article so that it is useful in the search for video platforms similar to that of the Google giant.

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