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Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers


As you already know, Teamviewer is a computer program that is used mainly to share and control the desktop. Imagine that you are at home and something on your computer has broken. If you have this software installed, you can always call your computer scientist colleague and ask him to ‘get into’ your computer to see what the problem is and try to solve it remotely.

But not only that. Teamviewer also allows you to meet online, make video conferences, or transmit files of any kind from one computer to another. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting program, although not the only one capable of offering you these features. What’s more, there are free or very cheap alternatives to Teamviewer that give you more and whose operation is even easier.

Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

Read on and discover which of the software similar to Teamviewer is the one that best suits your needs

Splashtop Remote Access

Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

Splashtop is one of the TeamViewer alternatives that you can use if you want to control your computer remotely. Throughout its 9 years of existence, this software has made a name for itself in the industry, providing a good mix of video quality and latency over the remote connection.

The free version of Splashtop comes loaded with features that may be more than enough for beginners. If you plan to connect mainly through a LAN, without a doubt this is one of the alternatives to TeamViewer that you should consider.

Despite its rather unattractive design and the need to install an application both on your computer, as well as the one you want to control remotely, this TeamViewer-like software has many advantages.

Supports touch screen gestures, such as two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, etc; it offers good quality even for not so fast connections and supports the transfer of all types of files.

Also, it is one of the alternatives to TeamViewer whose functionalities can be extended thanks to the installation of plugins. Of course, for this, you will have to go through the box.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

If you are one of those who do not like to download software or applications to access the benefits of remote control of a computer, Chrome Remote Desktop is, without a doubt, one of the alternatives to TeamViewer made for you. You can do it through your Chrome browser.

An attractive design, simplicity of use, or the possibility of having several screens on the remote device are some of the advantages of this alternative to Teamviewer for remote control through the browser.

If you are looking for power, perhaps this is one of the less recommended alternatives to Teamviewer, but if your needs are basic, it will undoubtedly come in handy.

ConnectWise Control

Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

ScreenConnect used to be a good quality TeamViewer alternative, but since it was bought by ConnectWise and renamed ConnectWise Control things have changed for the better.

The new ConnectWise Control has become one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer as a remote desktop product for companies offering remote assistance to their customers. Nothing prevents you from using this product on a personal level but seeing how the company markets, it may be more suitable for companies.

The good news is that ConnectWise Control is one of those scalable TeamViewer alternatives and that, depending on what is purchased, it can serve both large and small companies.


Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

CloudBerry is another free Teamviewer alternative for remote control and desktop sharing. This Windows solution is designed to quickly and securely access and control a remote desktop or server over the Internet.

Of the alternatives to Teamviewer available on the market, CloudBerry is one of the quickest to configure and most intuitive to use. Its software is very light, so it does not use too many resources when it comes to running, something that earns it points over its competitors.

One of the weak points of this alternative to Teamviewer is that the screen is updated every 3 seconds, that is, it is not done in real-time and, therefore, it offers inconveniences, for example, when viewing surveillance cameras live.

Ammyy Admin

Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

AmmyyAdmin as a tool for remote desktop connection and remote management is another of the Teamviewer alternatives to highlight. The multifunctional remote control software is very suitable for large companies. You can easily manage networks and servers through remote access.

This alternative to Teamviewer has the advantages of its simple operation and the fact that it does not require software installation, only the download of a small executable file. The security features are easy to understand and the program does not use complicated firewall or router settings.

Like other alternatives to Teamviewer, AmmyyAdmin creates a unique ID for each user that can be used to access the external computer, which means that the computer is protected from unwanted entries. Also, it allows direct data transfer and is suitable for distance learning and presentations, since it allows the possibility of sharing materials and communicating via chat.


Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

Whether you are looking for professional Teamviewer alternatives, whether for personal use, NoMachine is a high performance and secure remote PC access software that can get you out of more than one trouble.

Furthermore, this alternative to Teamviewer has multiple connection options, including a cloud server, a terminal server, and a virtualization server. And while it specializes in remote Linux connections, it is a versatile option for any platform.

One of the main benefits of NoMachine is that it has more software plans than most alternatives to Teamviewer. And, although it seems to you that this makes your decision difficult and that it makes you waste more time when choosing it, the result is a plan absolutely adapted to your needs.


Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

AnyDesk is one of the most popular alternatives to Timeviewer and, although there is a paid version, with the free features, you will have enough if you are new to the world of remote control computing.

Like other Teamviewer alternatives, connectivity between computers is very simple and is done through an ID. Also, it supports file transfer, screen recording, and even document printing remotely. Not to mention that it allows several screens to be connected to the same machine.

Against this alternative to Teamviewer are its little complicated interface and the difficulty of using some of its functionalities.


Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

Another alternative to TeamViewer is LogMeIn, which allows users not only to access their computers from any device but also to store and share files with a single click.

Unlike TeamViewer and AnyDesk, whose main goal is to use the desktop remote control to assist, LogMeIn is primarily focused on providing users with remote access to their personal computers, so they can get work done no matter where they are. Although any of the three services can be used for both tasks, LogMeIn specializes in the latter and is, therefore, a good option for any professional who has to work remotely.

Like other alternatives to TeamViewer, LogMeIn has a free version and a paid version, LogMeIn Pro.


Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

One of the alternatives to Teamviewer for professional use is the one that comes from RemoteUtilities. Options as interesting as starting the client and host program from a USB drive without having to install any software, make this solution a good option to consider.

One of the best features of RemoteUtilities is the notification panel that lets you inform a remote user about who is connected to their computer. In fact, the remote user can even stop the remote session if he deems it necessary.

But as in all other alternatives to Teamviewer, not everything is good. The absolute number of options available makes the configuration of the mainframe a rather complicated task that requires a lot of skill.

Windows Remote Desktop

If you are a Windows user, your Remote Desktop may be one of the alternatives to Teamviewer that interests you the most. Especially because if you use Microsoft software, its Remote Desktop Connection program is already installed on your computer, ready to use.

Furthermore, this alternative to TeamViewer works with the username and password that you are already using for Windows. The only bad thing is that enabling its function the first time can be a bit complicated. Nothing that does not solve a tutorial that you will easily find.

VNC Connect

Alternatives to Teamviewer: Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Control Other Computers

Belonging to the British company RealVNC, VNC Connect is considered one of the best alternatives to Teamviewer, both for private and business use. This solution has an application for the computer that you want to control and another that is installed and started on the working device.

This alternative to Teamviewer offers the necessary functions to remotely control other systems via the internet and without the need for special firewall or router configurations. Its high level of security is determined by encrypted sessions as well as password protection.

As with other alternatives to Teamviewer, VNC Connect has a free version and a paid version. The first has a limit of 5 remote computers, while in the second these are unlimited.

In the paid version, VNC Connect offers a Professional plan and an Enterprise plan that has such interesting options as 256-bit session encryption or the possibility of establishing direct remote connections without the need for an internet connection.

If you are looking for a business solution, VNC Connects in its Enterprise version is one of the alternatives to Teamviewer that you should consider.


Whether you are looking for alternatives to Teamviewer for personal or professional use, in this post you will find various solutions for remote control of computers. As always, if you are using one that we have not mentioned and it is giving you good results, share with us, and help us enrich this article by leaving it in the Comments section.

As for which is the best alternative to Teamviewer, the answer is not so much in the software as in your needs. Yes, we have our favorites, but that doesn’t mean they are the best.

Still, here you are. If what you need are alternatives to Teamviewer for business use, due to its versatility and its multiple configurable plans, we recommend that you try VNC Connect. And if you are looking for an alternative to walking around the house, if you are a Windows user, Windows Remote Desktop is already installed on your computer. You can also try the extension for Chrome (remote desktop), which is one of the simplest.

And don’t forget to tell us how it went!

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