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Alternatives to Netflix – Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online


If you have come to this article it is because you like to watch series, programs, documentaries, and movies online and you have wanted to know what alternatives to Netflix are. Although it is true that this American streaming platform, which was born in 1997 as a DVD delivery company via postal mail, has become the best known and most used in many countries, it is not the only one on the market.

Moreover, because of the great demand from those who want to see content on-demand via the Internet, more and more are emerging, although at the moment we do not know if there are better alternatives to Netflix. As in everything, to taste the colors and better or worse is a subjective criterion that we will leave to your choice.

Here is a list of options for you to choose your alternative to Netflix. But first, just in case you have come to this article by mistake and, although you have heard about it millions of times, you are still not entirely clear about what Netflix is ​​and what it offers and what its rates are, we will give you a small summary.

Basically, Netflix is a streaming service that allows you to enjoy movies and series (many of them self-produced) on your Smart TV, laptop, PC, mobile, tablet, and almost any mobile device. In our country it offers three rates:

  • Basic – offers to connect from a single device with standard quality for $ 7.99 per month.
  • Standard – if what you want in high definition (HD) and to be able to connect with two devices, you can do it for $ 10.99 per month, choosing the standard plan.
  • Premium – this option offers 4k quality (ultra definition) and the possibility of using it on 4 devices for $ 13.99 per month. Although it is more expensive, this option is the most popular and many share the Netflix Premium plan among several, thus reducing costs and being able to enjoy series and movies online for a very cheap price.

But, make no mistake. No matter how large the Netflix catalog is, it does not guarantee that what you want to see is necessarily available. Nor does it mean that you are going to enjoy the premieres at the same time as they are released in the US.

Therefore, depending on your tastes and needs, one platform may be better than another. Also, the vast majority of them have a free trial month after which, if it does not meet your expectations, you can unsubscribe. Of course, do not forget to do it before the end of the month. Otherwise, they will start charging you.

After these small points, now yes. We are going to discover the options to Netflix in our country, as well as their characteristics and prices. It is up to you who you want to bet on.

Alternatives to Netflix – Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

HBO – the main alternative to Netflix

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

For many, HBO is THE ALTERNATIVE to Netflix par excellence, even more so for those devoted to the famous series Game of Thrones but, we will not tire of repeating that in this, there is no better or worse, it depends on what everyone likes it.

In its favor, HBO counts on the fact that, before being a streaming provider (even long before the concept of television on-demand existed), it was already a famous film production company. In this way, in its catalog, it offers all the films produced by it but, also, it has agreements with many other companies.

Its offer of series and online movies is very wide and has options for the whole family. A special mention to its possibility of activating parental control, so that children can only access the contents of the Kids section.

To sign up, you can do it directly on the HBO website, creating an account in a few minutes. This alternative to Netflix also has a free trial month and, to match its competitor, it offers a price similar to its basic account: $ 7.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Video – the alternative to Netflix that also allows you to receive free shipping

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

Another alternative to Netflix, which also comes from the US market, is Amazon Prime Video. The giant that sells products over the internet launched itself on the streaming video market at the end of 2016 and, since then, has been gradually increasing the offer of its catalog, although it is still well below that of Netflix or HBO.

In its favor, it has a price, $ 36 per year, which not only includes the series and films in the catalog but also the shipments of the products you purchase on the platform. If you are one of those who buy a lot on Amazon, having a Prime account will compensate you to save a fortune in shipping costs and, also, receive your purchases in record time.

To sign up for this service, you will have to do it through the Amazon website. Also, you have a free trial month during which, if you are not convinced, you can unsubscribe. As always, don’t forget to do it before the month is ended. Otherwise, they will charge you for the subscription.

Rakuten TV – the alternative to Netflix that works like a video club

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

Rakuten TV could not be missing from the list of the alternatives to Netflix, which may sound like its previous name, Wuaki.tv. This platform for renting and purchasing audiovisual services by streaming was created in 2007 in Spain and 2012 it was bought by the main online sales company in Japan, Rakuten.

In Rakuten, you can watch series, documentaries, or movies online in two ways:

  • Rakuten TV Box Office – after creating a free account, you can pay only for the content you want to see. Also, there are some free movies.
  • Rakuten Selection – if you want to have access to almost the entire catalog of this streaming platform, you can choose to subscribe for $ 6.99 per month. We have used the word ‘almost’ because, even if you are a subscriber, some movies will only be available for the ‘Rent’ or ‘Buy’ options.

If you rent a movie online on Rakuten TV you will have 2 days to watch it, while if you buy it, that period extends to 3 years. The rent has a price that varies, depending on the title, between $ 0.99 and $ 4.99, while the purchase ranges from $ 6.99 to $ 16.99.

Recently, the platform has also incorporated the option of viewing offline (that is, without an internet connection) for the contents that have been previously downloaded.

Video club has its section titles very updated and watches movies that have been on the big screen in very little time. This option is very tempting for those who like to be trendy and makes it an interesting Netflix alternative. Although for those who are more than series, this is certainly not your platform.

CrunchyRoll – the Netflix alternative for anime lovers

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

If you are a fan of Japanese animated series, it is more than likely that neither Netflix nor any of its other alternatives will satisfy your needs.

In Crunchy Roll, you will find everything from anime classics like Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bakano, or Dragon Ball to current series like Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, and Noblesse. But not only that. This streaming platform for lovers of Japanese culture also includes News, Videogames, Forums, and, of course, Manga. Of course, the manga content is all in English.

While it is true that you will have some free content, to be able to enjoy CrunchyRoll to the fullest you need a Premium account, for which you have 3 options. All have a trial period of 14 days free of charge :

  • Fan – $ 4.99 per month to enjoy all the content on the platform, without advertising (limited to a single device)
  • Mega Fan – $ 6.99 per month for an account that includes the same as the FAN, but on 4 devices. Also, it allows you to watch anime offline
  • Mega Fan 1 year – this is an annual payment of the Mega Fan account, which will give you a discount of 16%. Final price $ 64.99 / year.

Sky TV – one of the alternatives to Netflix that, in addition to series and movies, also offers TV channels

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

Sky is an on-demand television platform via the Internet, which was created by Rupert Murdoch to precisely become one of the alternatives to Netflix. Since its arrival, it has managed to find a place in our homes, thanks to its offer of 16 television channels, and also series and online movies.

Its price of $ 6.99 per month, has no obligation to stay, can be viewed on up to three devices, and offers a free trial month. To sign up, you can easily create an account through the website. However, if you do not have a Smart TV compatible with this platform (not all are), you will have to request the Sky Tv Box decoder and pay the $ 25 worth of the device.

Although the online series and movie catalog is quite limited, the television channel offering is more than decent and includes content for the whole family.

Sky TV also has an interesting function known as ‘ Catch-up’. Through this function, you will be able to access television programs that you have not been able to see live, without having to record them previously, for 30 days. So you never miss your favorite content.

Acorn TV – one of the newest Netflix alternatives on the market

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

Continuing with the search for services similar and alternatives to Netflix, although with a much more limited content offer, we come to Acorn TV. This streaming platform has just arrived and mainly offers series from England, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Although it is true that its price of $ 4.99 per month and $ 49.99 if you opt for the annual subscription can be attractive, unless you are passionate about British series (which are the main offer in its catalog), this is not the most suitable option for you. But it is never too much to discover new content and, if it does not convince you, you can always unsubscribe since the platform does not require permanence.

StarzPlay – the Netflix alternative for Orange TV customers

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

StarzPlay has also recently arrived, which, for the moment, is only available to Orange TV users.

For $ 4.99 per month and with no commitment to stay, the American video-on-demand platform owned by the production company Lionsgate also wants to make a place among the alternatives to Netflix.

Something that would differentiate it from HBO and Netflix that make their users wait a long time before being able to see the contents released on the other side of the pond.

The StarzPlay catalog is quite extensive and has many series and online movies of its production.

Mubi – one of the alternatives to Netflix for lovers of independent cinema

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

If independent cinema is your thing, Mubi can be a good alternative to Netflix to watch movies online. Although the video on demand platform also offers classics of a lifetime.

The subscription of $ 9.99 per month includes the possibility of connecting up to 5 devices and a free trial week, unlike the month offered by most of its competitors.

But, in return, thanks to its MUBI GO option, for the same price you can access a free movie ticket per week. Mubi selects a movie a week and, through the application, you will be able to choose the cinema and the session you want to attend and, if there is availability, go and exchange your code at the box office for free admission.

This platform is for true moviegoers, not those looking for popular movies. Here you can find auteur cinema and festival films that you will find it difficult to find elsewhere and which are premiered on Mubi.

Huawei Video – the alternative to Netflix for mobile users of the Chinese company

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

The Chinese mobile platform launched its alternative to Netflix for Huawei phone users at the end of 2018. However, after its problems in the US and the breakdown of Google, we do not know how many of you are going to continue betting on this brand. But, if you are already a user of it, it is worth trying its streaming video platform.

With a 3-month free trial and a price of $ 4.99 / month, Huawei Video promises to offer a varied selection of international, European content, continuously updated. At least that’s what they say.

In addition to the open content that you can enjoy if you subscribe, this platform also offers the possibility of renting recent movies for 48 hours.

At the moment, only Huawei Video can only be seen on tablets and mobiles of this partnership, but they assure that later they will expand to other devices and platforms. Time will tell.

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

Most users use YouTube primarily to view or upload videos online, which is what the platform was created for. However, apart from the fact that if you search patiently you can find entire films for free, on this platform you also have at your disposal the rental and even the purchase.

Thanks to its ability to rent movies ranging from classics to premieres, and even some that are still in theaters, YouTube strongly enters our list of best alternatives to Netflix.

It is a modern version of an old video club in which, in addition to online movies, you can also rent and/or buy other content such as series or television programs.

The rental price depends on the content and, once purchased, you can keep it for 30 days. Of course, you will have only 48 hours from the moment you ran the play.

The premieres are priced at $ 3.99 or $ 4.99 if you want to see it in HD, while in the rest of the film library the prices range between $ 1.99 and $ 2.99.

Also, recently, YouTube has a Premium version that, apart from eliminating advertising in videos, has exclusive productions and dedicated applications such as YouTube Originals, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music, or YouTube Kids.

The price of the YouTube Premium subscription is $ 11.99 per month, but the good news is that you can try it for free for 3 long months.

Apple TV – one of the alternatives to Netflix that still has a long way to go

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

After long months of mystery and questions, Apple’s ‘Netflix’ has also arrived in many countries. And, although at the moment its catalog is very scarce in many countries, those who buy a new device of the brand, can enjoy a free subscription for a whole year. For the rest, only 7 days.

In its favor, a price of only $ 4.99 / month and a catalog that gradually incorporates new content. Although, if we are honest, except for the series of own production, the rest leaves much to be desired.

Queen of Elephants, Dickinson, Servant, or The Morning Show is some of the series to be highlighted from Apple’s production. They have recently been joined by others such as Amazing Stories, The Banker, and the famous Oprah’s talk show.

On Apple TV Plus, you also have a Video Club section where you can rent and buy first-run movies. Of course, going through the box.

Disney Plus – the Netflix alternative for fans of Marvel, Star Wars, and animated movies

Alternatives to Netflix - Top Netflix Alternatives to watch series and movies online

Disney + is now a reality and in its catalog, it has the best content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Your subscription of $ 6.69 per month or $ 69.99 per year will allow you to watch your favorite movies on up to 4 devices at the same time, an ideal plan to share with family or friends.

Also, if you decide to pay an extra (quite high), Disney Plus offers you the possibility of watching movies before their premiere. In the case of the Mulan premiere, the users of the platform had to fork out a whopping almost $ 22 to get first-hand access to the adventures of the Chinese warrior.

Conclusion: What is the best alternative to Netflix?

Today, we are no longer limited to the content (quite bad, by the way) of traditional television. Choosing what to see, where, and at what time opens before us a wide range of possibilities among which it is difficult to choose.

For us, the best alternative to Netflix is ​​HBO (at least for now), but to taste the colors. If you are an anime fan, you should definitely try Crunchy Roll. But if, in addition to watching movies and series, you prefer to have thematic channels of sports, documentaries, or music at your disposal, perhaps you prefer classic platforms such as Sky TV.

Here’s an idea. As none of the alternatives to Netflix that we have presented in this list has a permanence commitment (except those that belong to mobile operators), you can alternate one subscription with another, depending on the series or movies that you want to see at all times. Try and tell us about your experience!

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