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11 Tips to Create an Effective Logo Design (+ Examples)


The task of designing logos can be complex, especially because it must meet certain requirements that are sometimes difficult to comply with perfectly. However, there are some tips that will teach you how to create an effective logo design.

In this article, there are some secrets to create a good logo design for your company?

The first thing you should know is that starting a logo design from scratch must follow certain rules that have not been written but are implicit. Thanks to them, success is achieved. It must be attractive to attract the public, but it must also satisfy them.

Of course, carrying it out is much more difficult in practice. That is why here, we will offer you information that may be of interest to you so that you can attract the public in a completely natural and adequate way. Do not stop reading!

What is the Best Way to Optimize Logo Design?

The development of a brand is essential for the future acceptance of it, which is why it is so important to start in the right way, otherwise, it could lead to all kinds of consequences.

With the advice we will give you below you will know how to create a logo design properly so that customers are completely satisfied with your work.

1# Ask Questions Before Starting

There is nothing worse than starting the design of a logo without knowing exactly what the client asks for. That is why a start questionnaire will be ideal to know exactly how to create a logo based on the expectations of the person.

For example, there are some questions you can use: business concept?, preferred colors?, trade name?, company objective?,. All this will help you to have a particular idea to do it properly.

2# Use Sketches! Creating a Logo is Simple

We know that technology offers unlimited functional tools to designers, but it is always appropriate to use the classic pencil and paper to create sketches. This will make you enter into confidence to start the work.

3# Get Inspired, but Don’t Copy!

Of course, to know how to create a logo from scratch, we must first take inspiration. Sites like Pinterest, Tumblr or Behance offer you a lot of options so you can guide yourself or have an idea.

The key to everything is:

You should not do plagiarism under any circumstances. Surely, as a designer, it would make you feel bad enough that someone copied your work, so you should avoid at all costs performing this kind of unpleasant actions that can harm your client.

4# Black and White

To make a loge design, you have to perform two tests: the initial logo in color and a black and white copy. So that the creation of these can work properly, there is a trick. Do you want to know what the secret is?

The truth is that all logos must work in black and white. If you do not do it, the best thing is that you rethink the design because, most likely, there is a defect.

5# The Correct Use of Colors to Create a Logo

A good designer knows that all colors have meanings and seek to convey certain messages. To know how to create a logo design effectively, you have to know how to properly use each of the colors.

From here an impact is generated. That is, many companies are associated with certain colors.

For example, if you look at large companies such as Santander Bank, we will automatically associate it with the color red. They are significant details in this regard.

6# Verify That There Are No Errors!

When it comes to perfecting a logo design, all programs have a “mirror mode” that will help you realize certain aspects that you will not normally notice.

Let me explain: If you actually turn your design around, you can tell if there are problems with the symmetry of the drawing or with the vectors. It is very useful!

7# Create a Logo With a History

To know how to create a logo design properly, you must first take into account that using a story for it can be quite successful.

For example, in the case of the Nike brand logo, this was the symbol used on warships to represent the victory of a certain group in Ancient Greece.

So, a sports brand associated with the victory is an excellent example of it. However, the logo should not show the whole story, but a part of it. Remember, less is more.

8# Suitable Programs

In order to have knowledge about how to create a logo design, you must first know that there are appropriate programs to do that. You can use Corel Draw or Illustrator, which offer you the best tools for this type of work.

Do not use Photoshop! This does not meet the standards required by the design in these situations.

9# Try Different Sizes!

When it comes to the size of a logo, you should know that it is an essential element. That is if you want to increase in size and it is pixelated, there is a big mistake, that is why you should take particular care in it.

This improves when you generate the logo in a vector file, so you avoid these inconveniences. The best thing is that you create a folio with different sizes of it to know which is the best option.

10# Modify the Typography

The theme of typography is an extensive and delicate issue when it comes to knowing how to create a logo design. However, most of the fonts that are famous or free have already been used by countless brands or companies.

You will be wondering what to do in these cases. It is best to choose the one you like and then put space between the letters, this will completely modify its appearance. Is incredible!

11# Choose the Best to Create a Logo Design

We know that at the beginning it can be very complex to know how to create a logo design, but the truth is that by following these tips you will have a better opportunity to perfect this work.

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